Todd and Nicole Cameron took a cue from the '70s cult classic Alien for their maternity shoot

By Char Adams
October 12, 2018 12:24 PM
Li Carter/HappySqueak Photo

Todd and Nicole Cameron have always loved Halloween. So when it came time to take maternity photos for their new little one, the Canada couple went all out, taking a cue from the ’70s cult classic Alien.

“This summer I was out going to some garage sales in my hometown and I came across this chestburster alien from the movie,” Todd, 44, tells PEOPLE, adding that the baby is due around Halloween.

“Nicole wasn’t interested in doing a traditional maternity shoot, so the wheels in my head started turning. I thought, ‘What better way to pay better homage to having a Halloween child than to do a funny recreation of that iconic [chestburster] scene?’ ”

Li Carter/HappySqueak Photo

So, that’s what they did. Todd says the concept was all his idea, and Nicole, 36, was quickly on board, although he recalls her saying, “I’m not sure where I would hang those pictures.” Still, the couple teamed up with photographer Li Carter in September and put their own twist on the famous scene.

In several shots, Todd and Nicole, of Nanaimo, British Columbia, are shown smiling in a park, seemingly taking traditional maternity photos. Then, Nicole is shown in faux pain on the ground and, soon, the bloody alien appears to pop out of her stomach. After chasing the alien through a pumpkin patch, the doting parents cuddle and “love it regardless.”

“I wanted people to be kind of tricked into thinking we were doing a regular, cliché maternity shoot — maybe even cheesier because of the clothes. Then we wanted to, kind of, surprise them into thinking maybe she was giving birth during the maternity shoot,” Todd tells PEOPLE.

Li Carter/HappySqueak Photo
Li Carter/HappySqueak Photo

“Then we wanted to have them not only surprised by the alien coming out of her stomach, but also the switch from horror to comedy when I chased after it and we cuddle it. I wanted to have an element of horror and an element of comedy.”

Todd shared the photos on Facebook with a fitting caption: “Well, you won’t believe what happened yesterday DURING OUR MATERNITY SHOOT!!! Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition! Special thanks to Li Carter for her once-in-a-lifetime pictures and McNab’s Corn Maze for the location/birth place!”

Li Carter/HappySqueak Photo
Li Carter/HappySqueak Photo

He adds to PEOPLE: “This alien was kind of like the baby’s first Halloween costume! I’m hoping [the baby] will be a fellow lover of Halloween. We’re just hoping this one’s human!”

The post amassed thousands of likes and shares in less than two days. And Todd says he never expected the unique photos to get so much attention.

“We just wanted to have something fun for ourselves and for our family and friends to laugh at and I thought maybe a few people would share it,” he says. “But within a few hours [the post] was at 5,000 likes, it’s been a really great response. We couldn’t be happier with the amount of joy that’s going around because of this.”

Todd says he got his love for Halloween from his father, James Cameron, who also loved the holiday. And he plans to show the photos to the new baby — due next week — in the future.

“I know [my dad] would have loved this,” Todd tells PEOPLE of his late father. “I know he’s looking on and laughing with us for sure.”