Linden Mae Bartell had a special request when she sat on Santa Claus' lap

By Char Adams
December 01, 2017 04:41 PM
Credit: KTRK

A Texas 2-year-old had a special request for Christmas when she sat on Santa’s lap.

After a long day of shopping, little Linden Bartell was pretty worn out when the family finally made it to see Santa Claus at Bering’s Hardware in Houston, according to KTRK. With that, she gave a pretty honest answer when Santa asked, “What do you want for Christmas?”

“I want to take a nap,” she said, rubbing her eyes.

His reply: “Santa does, too.”

It seems Santa’s lap was the perfect place for some shut-eye. In video of the incident, Linden was soon shown yawning and slipping deeper into Santa’s lap.

The Trinity family went on the outing after a Thanksgiving weekend spent with family, Linden’s father, Allen Bartell, told USA Today. He said that Linden cried during last year’s trip to meet Santa, and said she still doesn’t understand that Santa brings presents.

The outing ended well, as Linden eventually asked for a reindeer. However, Allen said that little Linden never did get that nap.

“We get in the car and we have almost a two-hour drive home,” he said. “She was awake the whole time. She slept good that night.”