Influencer Came 'Close to Dying' After Getting Trapped Under Ice While a Filming TikTok Video

Jason Clark says he almost drowned while filming a TikTok video

Photo: jasontodolist/Instagram

TikTok star Jason Clark is opening up about a near-death experience he had while filming a video.

On Monday, Clark — who has amassed over 403,000 followers as @jasontodolist on TikTok — shared in a detailed Instagram post that he almost drowned while documenting a dangerous stunt for his outdoor adventure account.

According to Clark, his goal was to swim point-to-point under a sheet of ice on a frozen lake. However, things didn’t go as planned and he struggled to find his exit while trapped under the ice.

“I have never been this close to dying,” he wrote, sharing a video of the harrowing incident. “I didn’t think my eyeballs would freeze so quick.”

In the clip, Clark can be seen taking a large breath before lowering himself into the frozen lake. While swimming under the ice, he appears to lose his way and struggles to locate an opening in the ice.

“The surface of the water where the hole was didn’t look any different than the bottom of the ice,” he wrote alongside the video. “When I flipped around and felt solid ice I thought I was at the hole.”

When he realized he wasn’t at the exit, Clark said he tried to follow his trail back to the entrance, but the “dust” he had kicked up had drifted off and led him further away from the air hole.

“I then tried to break the ice with my back, you can see in the video,” he recalled. “I don’t know what made me turn around one last time. I was so short on breath I couldn’t really see anymore. I had accepted that was it and I wasn’t going to make it.”

Clark said he eventually swung his hand through what he thought was “a lighter spot of ice” that turned out to be the opening.

“It took 2-3 breaths to regain my vision after resurfacing,” he shared, adding that the cameraperson filming “didn’t recognize the severity of the situation” until after he recovered from the botched stunt.


Clark’s video has since been reposted by Will Smith on Instagram, who captioned the clip, “#AwwHellNaw.”

“I do not like this. ???” Jennifer Garner responded in the comment section.

Instagram users also expressed to Clark how “lucky” he was to have survived the ordeal, with one commenter writing: “I’m glad you made it, but holy s— was this asking for trouble. Include a rope. A waterproof strobe of some sort. Hell, a sledgehammer, an auger, a pre-determined SOS signal and procedure for your spotter, something. I have heart palpitations every time I watch this.”

However, despite the scary experience, Clarke decided to try again.

In his second attempt at the risky feat, Clark told followers he “added a little more safety” and made sure the exit hole was “comically big” so he could find it underwater.

“Second attempt went a little better,” he wrote on Instagram. “You have to try it twice!”

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