This Dad Lives Out Every Working Parent's Worst Nightmare as His Kids Hilariously Crash His Live BBC Interview

Professor Robert Kelly's children hilariously steal the limelight during a BBC interview about the political crisis in South Korea

Attention working parents everywhere: Welcome to your new favorite video of all time.

Professor Robert Kelly lived out every professional mom and dad’s worst nightmare on Friday when his kids hilariously crashed his live video interview with BBC News.

As Kelly attempted to answer serious questions about the political crisis in South Korea, his toddler daughter can be seen opening up the door to his office and strutting in like she owns the place.

The BBC host briefly acknowledges her presence — noting that “I think that one of your children has walked in” — as Kelly attempts to keep her at bay, throwing his arm back in desperation as the host then attempts to ask a question about how the political crisis might effect relations with North Korea.

Kelly’s own domestic crisis then went from bad to worse when a baby can be seen rolling in on a walker to join in on the fun.

The scene then reaches an epic level of absurdity when a woman runs into the room at top speed to try and extract the rogue children.

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“Pardon me,” Kelly manages to squeak out on camera as he can’t help but giggle at the oddness of it all.

“My apologies,” he says a moment later after the woman can be seen literally dragging the kids out of the room.

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Kelly then dives back into the interview, although the kids can still be heard wailing on the other side of the door.

“Sorry,” he says after meaningfully closing his eyes and attempting to refocus.

No need to be sorry, Professor Kelly, parents everywhere can feel your pain.

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