Carla Brooks concluded her tour through Europe by fastening a Parisian love lock to Pont des Arts with her son and his partner 

By Rose Minutaglio
February 01, 2017 03:21 PM

Twenty adventures in the books!

Carla Brooks’ months-long trip through Europe after she lost her husband has concluded — with a very special final outing in Paris.

Carla’s son, Barton, and his partner, Gregg, treated her to the adventure of a lifetime after her husband, Karl, died last year. For over 20 years, Carla looked after Karl in their St. George, Utah, home after he suffered a stroke and needed full time assistance. When he died, Carla “felt she had lost her purpose in life,” says Barton. So, Gregg and Barton decided to treat his mother to the ultimate European getaway, with 20 special stops, one for each year Carla cared for Karl.

The group visited dozens of cities, including Rome, Salzburg and London, over the past four months. And for their final stop, they ended where they began — Paris. Barton, Gregg and Carla decided to commemorate their grand journey by placing a love lock on the famed Pont des Arts bridge.

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“We are going to leave a lock here for three of us… to lock our experience and the love we have for reach other,” explains Barton. “As well as to commemorate the love you have with dad!”

The group is now back in the U.S. — but memories of their incredible trip won’t soon be forgotten.

“I love Florence and Prague and Strasbourg [the most],” says Carla. “Thank you for taking me on the adventure! [It’s] been special!”

We hope you’ve enjoyed following Carla on her journey. To see their entire magical trip click here. And if you’d like to keep up with Carla, visit Barton’s blog,