Colton Lillard's video tutorial on a new way to tie shoes has been viewed over 6 million times

By Tiare Dunlap
Updated January 25, 2017 02:48 PM

For anyone who has ever struggled with tying your shoes, let us introduce you to your new hero.

Five-year-old Colton Lillard has a shoe-tying hack so ingenious that his video tutorial been viewed over 7 million times.

“My name is Colton. I’m 5 and I have a loose tooth,” Colton says in a video posted by his mom, Ashley Lillard on Facebook.

After demonstrating his simple shoe-tying hack all by himself, Colton gives credit to his friend River for teaching him the method.

Thousands of people have chimed in in the comments section to thank Colton and his mom for the life-changing trick.

“It’s been crazy we’ve heard from a 50-year-old woman who had a stroke and can now tie her shoes we’ve heard from thousands of parents,” Ashley told PEOPLE Now. “It’s been amazing.”