These Big Brothers Dress Up and Make Halloween a Special Time for Their Little Sister

A video of the fun annual gathering over the years has gone viral on TikTok, garnering over 21 million views

Four years ago, Patti Schmidt realized that her youngest child, 5-year-old Avery, would never have the joy of Halloween trick or treating with same-age siblings, so the photographer created a new family tradition.

Each fall, Patti, of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, has asked her grown sons — Larry, 28, Patrick, 26, and Gavin, 22 — to join in a costume photo shoot with their baby sister.

Starting with the Wizard of Oz in 2017, Schmidt used creative camera angles to photograph a then 1-year-old Avery "flying" above them as Dorothy on a nearby beach.

Each year since, themes have included Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Princess Bride.

This year's spooky season costume, however, remains under wraps now.

schmidt family
Avery Schmidt, as Dorothy, and her three brothers. @pattischmidt

"They laugh a lot during the shoots," Patti, 50, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue.

The proud mom's video of the moments on her TikTok account (@pattiaveryschmidt) has more than 21 million views, giving her kids a taste of internet fame — but the guys' main motivation is bringing a smile to their sister's face.

"The boys are good sports," she says. "They adore Avery."

schmidt family
The Schmidt family in Princess Bride costumes in 2020. @pattischmidt

Patti — who also shared the video and additional photos on Instagram (@pattischmidt), where she has over 194,000 followers — thinks up each year's costume themes.

Making the process even more exciting, she surprises all the siblings with her creative direction.

"It's fun," says Patrick, a professional surfer, "and Avery has a blast."

schmidt family
The Schmidt family embracing a Star Wars theme in 2018. @pattischmidt

With Halloween just days away, fans will soon be able to see what the family has planned for 2021.

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