Lucas Holliday's soulful voice landed him the surprise of a lifetime

By Char Adams
November 14, 2016 10:44 AM

One Michigan cashier’s soulful voice has landed him the surprise of a lifetime.

Lucas Holliday, who works at a Dollar General store in Lansing, caught the nation’s attention last week when a customer uploaded a Facebook video of the man singing Maxwell’s 1996 hit “Ascension.”

“Sometimes I’ll just be humming, I’ll be singing to myself. Sometimes I’ll get a little blue, a little gloomy or whatever when I’m working … or stressed,” Holliday said during a Monday appearance on Good Morning America. “And in any case I’ll just bust out and it’s crazy to watch people just spread that positivity.”

Holliday was anything but “blue” during the show when he got a special message from Maxwell himself.

“I saw your video, you’re singing ‘Ascension,’ you sound unbelievable I wanted to personally invite you on stage at my Detroit show this Friday,” the soul singer said, adding that Holliday has a “sick, amazing voice.”

Holliday responded excitedly with, “Yes! Please! Please!”

The man also gushed about his band “Tell Yo Mama,” noting that the group landed a wedding gig as a result of the video.

The Facebook clip has amassed more that 494,000 views and more than 13,000 shares. Maxwell even sung the man’s praises in a series of Twitter posts as the video garnered national attention.

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“If anyone knows where this guy lives let me know i wanna bring him on stage!!!” the singer wrote in a tweet along with the video of Holliday on Saturday.

After Holliday’s GMA appearance, the soul singer took to Twitter again, posting a photo of himself and Lucas on the morning TV show.

“This is how you make a ‘good morning america great’ @GMA shout to LUCAS fasten yo seatbelt ya life is about to inspire so many!” he wrote.