Christine Rollins, 59, died of "exsanguination due to feral hog assault," Chambers County Sheriff's Office says

By Gabrielle Chung
November 26, 2019 12:55 AM
Credit: Chambers County Sheriff's Office (2)

A caregiver was set upon and killed by wild hogs in front of an Anahuac, Texas home Sunday morning.

Christine Rollins was attacked by several feral hogs as she went to work at the home of an elderly couple she looks after, according to Chambers County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities said Rollins’ body was discovered lying in the front yard by the 84-year-old homeowner after the caretaker didn’t show up for at the normal time.

Jefferson County medical examiner’s office formally ruled the cause of death as “exsanguination due to feral hog assault,” Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said in a press conference Monday afternoon.

“We had suspected that,” he said. “My detectives and the criminal investigation team felt like that’s what it was, but it was not something that we could even come close to announcing until we had the cause of death from the medical examiner’s office.”

The sheriff said there was “no doubt” that more than one hog had attacked Rollins as police observed different sizes in bites on the body.

Police believe Rollins arrived at the house — which sits on 10 to 12 acres of pasture and woods — around 6 a.m., when it was still dark outside. Investigators suspect the caretaker had gotten out of her car and was making her way to the front door when she encountered the wild hogs.

Rollins had injuries consistent with an animal attack, as well as an injury to her head that may have been caused by a fall, according to officials.

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“In my 35 years, I can tell you that it’s one of the worst things I’ve seen,” said Hawthorne, who called the death “unbelievably tragic.”

“This is a very rare incident, just what little research we have found less than six of these have been reported in the nation,” he said.

However, residents in the area have recently complained about wild hogs, ABC13 reports.

“We’ve got individuals that hunt hogs with dogs. They put Kevlar on these dogs for a purpose because those hogs are vicious. And when they feel threatened, they’re coming after you,” neighbor David Bennett told the outlet.

Rollins’ death will be ruled an accident, according to the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office.

“I can tell you feral hogs are a problem across the state of Texas,” Hawthorne said the press conference. “They are definitely a problem in this county.”