Jody Warner was been fired after she allegedly harassed an Uber driver during a ride on Friday and accused him of kidnapping
Credit: ABC News

The Dallas County assistant district attorney who was fired after allegedly berating an Uber driver on Friday is offering an apology — and telling her side of the story.

Jody Warner, 32, said she became concerned late that night when her driver, Shaun Platt, allegedly took an unfamiliar route to her home. Still, Warner offered an apology, declaring, “I was wrong.”

“I embarrassed my family. I embarrassed myself. That is not who I am,” Warner said through tears during a Tuesday news conference. “I’m not trying to make any accusations against the driver. I don’t know what’s in his heart. I can tell you that not everything he said was true. I never touched him.”

Credit: GMA/ABC

The incident began after Platt, 26, picked Warner up from Capitol Pub. He said she was clearly drunk and began yelling at friends out the window, the Dallas Morning News reports. Platt said Warner became upset when he tried to initiate small talk and grew angrier after she asked him to change directions.

In audio of the incident, a woman’s voice is heard calling Platt “stupid,” “an idiot” and “a legitimate retard.” Platt said that Warner told him he was “never going to work again,” and added, “Who are they going to believe? I’m a district attorney.”

“I’m very sorry for the language that I used. I’m not proud of it,” Warner said, adding that there was more “context” to the situation.

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“The audio doesn’t tell you that I was in a situation that made me feel very uncomfortable, and I became defensive and eventually angry,” Warner said in a previous statement to ABC News. “I never assaulted my driver or touched him in any way. All I wanted to do was get home safely that night.”

On Monday, District Attorney Faith Johnson announced that Warner had been fired, announcing that a “thorough investigation” had been conducted.

“Although criminal charges have not been filed, [Warner’s] behavior is contrary to this office’s core principle of integrity, and it will not be tolerated,” Johnson said.