Texas Man Proposes to Girlfriend in Front of Tornado: 'The Only Nerve-Wracking Part Was the Proposal!'

"I wanted to combine my two greatest loves — Britney and mother nature — into one shot," Alex Bartholomew tells PEOPLE.

Talk about a “twisted” proposal!

Storm chaser Alex Bartholomew proposed to his girlfriend Britney Fox Cayton, both 25, about a mile away from a dark tornado in McLean, Texas, on May 16.

Bartholomew, a millworks specialist at Home Depot and a storm chaser since 2010, came up with the creative idea several months ago.

“I wanted to combine my two greatest loves — Britney and mother nature — into one shot,” Bartholomew tells PEOPLE. “I wasn’t scared of the tornado, the only nerve-wracking part was the proposal itself!

“It’s scary to ask someone to spend the rest of their lives with you.”

Jason Cooley
Jason Cooley

Evers since Cayton met Bartholomew, she’s wanted to accompany him on a storm chase.

“Our first chase together was last year, but with no luck,” explains Bartholomew. “The tornado we got engaged in front of was the first one we have seen together.”

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At their closest, the couple was about one mile from the Texas twister. Their friend and fellow storm chaser, Jason Cooley, captured the heartwarming (albeit, scary!) moment.

“I like to get closer,” says Bartholomew. “However, I didn’t want to push the limits while asking her to marry me.”

Jason Cooley

The couple plans to wed on the Texas coast in September 2019.

“Hopefully with calmer weather!” says Bartholomew.

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