"A miracle. It is. It's a miracle," said Thomas Mizell

By Caitlin Keating
July 05, 2018 02:22 PM

An 81-year-old man is miraculously on the mend after nearly 1,000 bees stung his body while he was farming on his Texas property.

Thomas Mizell, of Cleveland, was alone on the farm when he was attacked on June 26, his daughter, Tresha Holt, told Fox 26.

“He farms from dusk til dawn,” she told the news outlet. “He was clearing out the land for a fence line and all of a sudden, he didn’t know where they came from, the bees just attacked him.”

Mizell told The Cleveland Advocate that he “saw a black cloud of bees surrounding me.”

He continued to the Advocate, “I jumped off the dozer, which happened to be in neutral. I left it running and took off through the woods, trying to make my way to a little lake I had dug on the property.”

He added: “I said, ‘Lord, help me.’ When I fell down trying to get out of the bees, He said, ‘Walk by faith,’ so I did. My heart was pounding as I went toward that pond. Still fighting the bees, I jumped into the pond but I could still hear the bees under the water.”

Mizell didn’t have his cell phone with him during the attack, Fox 26 reported, but luckily, his wife Mary suspected something was wrong as the time of their lunch date approached.

“Came right through here, stumblin’ and a fallin’ and fightin’ them things and I jumped in right aside that pole right there,” he told Fox 26. “When I got out of the pond, here come my wife and my son right there, 30 minutes early to pick me up.”

Thomas Mizell
| Credit: Fox 26

Mizell told Fox 26 he was rushed to a nearby hospital in intense pain. Once hospitalized, nurses removed the stingers from his nose and ears. According to the Advocate, some bees had even burrowed themselves into Mizell’s ear canals, causing one of his ear drums to rupture.

Just one day later — on Mizell’s 81st birthday — he was released.

“A miracle. It is. It’s a miracle,” he said to Fox 26. “People need to be aware of these killer bees because number one is they can kill ya’, like they got me, but God was with me.”

Mizell is now recovering at home, according to the Advocate, and is being cared for by his family.