Teenage Cashier Praised for Paying Struggling Customer's $110 Grocery Bill: 'I Had to Help Her'

John Lopez Jr. captured the Internet's heart last week when he covered a woman's bill at Walmart when she was unable to pay

Photo: Go Fund Me

A Texas teen is being praised for his good deed after he paid for a customer’s grocery bill during his shift at a local Walmart.

John Lope Jr., 19, says he was just doing what his parents taught him last week when one customer at a Princeton Walmart became upset after coming up short on the bill.

“She started crying and I was like, ‘Okay, I got you. I got you,’ Lopez recalled to KTVT. “I just felt in my heart that the Lord told me I had to help her.”

So, that’s what he did. He paid the $110 total, according to Laci Simms, who documented the incident on Facebook.

“I just witnessed this ‘kid’ pay for a cart of merchandise for a woman in obvious distress about her inability to pay,” Simms wrote alongside a photo of Lopez behind the register.

“He is always singing, up beat, courteous, joyful and efficient … He just renewed my faith in humanity and the generation we are raising! Everyone share this so the world knows what a blessing John is to our community!”

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Simms’ Facebook post has been “liked” 1,600 times and shared more than 3,000. Lopez told KTVT that he never expected his simple good deed to go viral.

“Tuesday night I was up until 11 looking at the comments on the post,” Lopez told the station. “I was like, ‘This can’t be real.'”

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He added: “My parents basically taught me if someone needs help you should be able to help them and if someone is down, bring them up. I make it my goal to at least in one way make someone smile.”

Now, the Princeton community has rallied behind Lopez, with one person even setting up a GoFundMe for the teen cashier. The page has raised more than $33,000 and Lopez has said he plans to save the money for college.

Social media users aren’t the only people applauding Lopez for the kind act. Walmart officials applauded Lopez in a statement to PEOPLE.

“Our associates are special and John’s actions are a perfect example,” the statement reads. “Those who know John wouldn’t be surprised. He’s a kind, generous person and we couldn’t be more proud of him.”

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