"We got to be it together," Trinity Arrington says of her reign with pal Emily Petty

A Texas high school has two homecoming queens this year thanks to an extra special friendship.

Trinity Arrington and Emily Petty, both seniors at S&S Consolidated High School in Sadler, were nominated for homecoming queen. Although Arrington was awarded the crown, deep down she wanted Petty to win, she told KXII.

“I decided to give my crown to my sweet friend Emily because she’s always wanted to be a princess,” Arrington told the station of Petty, who has Down syndrome. “So I decided she deserved it.”

Arrington and Petty have been friends for nearly a year after first meeting while Arrington spent her lunch period in the special education classroom, according to KXII.

“I love her every day,” Petty said.

Ceremony attendants cheered as Petty and Arrington walked across the field holding hands.

“I blew a kiss to my friends,” Petty said, according to KXII.

Arrington added: “We got to hold hands and we waved at everyone and we blew kisses to everyone … they were really excited for us.”

Trinity Arrington and Emily Petty
Trinity Arrington and Emily Petty
| Credit: KXII

Arrington said she was glad she could make her friend happy.

“She’s always been my queen,” she said.

Arrington admitted that she cried when giving up her crown, but couldn’t imagine sharing it with anyone else.

Trinity Arrington and Emily Petty
Trinity Arrington and Emily Petty
| Credit: KXII

“We got to be it together,” she told KXII. “I think that was the best part for me.”

The friends’ story has spread across the internet. One friend even praised the pair’s bond in a Facebook post.

“Dangit Trinity Arrington, you made me😭 cry this morning!” Kerry Smith wrote. “Love you sweet girl, you make us all proud, Emily most certainly is our sweet Queen❤❤“