Holly Schaub is fighting for her life after she suffered an aneurysm last week, but her family experienced a bit of joy when she woke up for the first time

By Char Adams
November 28, 2017 11:08 AM
Courtesy Carla Resindez

Eight-year-old Holly Schaub was enjoying time with her grandmother last week when tragedy struck.

“She just screamed really loud. [My mom] thought she might have hurt herself,” Carla Resendiz tells PEOPLE of the moment her daughter suffered an aneurysm. “She screamed again and, as my mom was holding her, she just went limp.”

Holly was rushed to the hospital and while in the ambulance, Resendiz says the little girl suffered multiple seizures. Doctors soon found “abnormal vessels” growing at the base of Holly’s brain that caused severe complications and a broken vein. The news came as a shock to Resendiz, who says Holly was otherwise healthy.

“She was fine,” the mom of two tells PEOPLE through tears. “There was nothing wrong. She was a normal kid.”

Resendiz and Holly’s father, Adam Schaub, got a glimpse of that “normal kid” a day after the incident. After being unconscious, Holly was able to hear and respond to her mother. Resendiz, of Richardson, Texas, shared a video of the emotional moment on Facebook.

“Oh, honey. You’re doing wonderful, okay? Keep fighting for mama,” Resendiz is heard saying in the video after asking Holly if she wants chocolate pudding for breakfast, and ice cream for lunch, to which Holly nodded. She then squeezed her mother’s hand.

Courtesy Carla Resindez

Since then, the situation has been a “roller coaster” for the family, Resendiz says. Since capturing Holly on video, her health has been declining. She has suffered several “mini strokes,” a collapsed lung and has undergone several surgeries, her mother says.

“We don’t know what else could be thrown at her, honestly. It’s been a horrible experience,” Resendiz tells PEOPLE, noting that doctors have said they don’t know if Holly will survive.

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“It’s a nightmare. It’s been exhausting. You get angry. You feel helpless. You’re just watching and hoping that she’s in there, hoping she can hear you.”

She adds: “I tell her, ‘You’re not alone.’ I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.”

The family has created a GoFundMe page to cover medical expenses.