"Even when you can't be together as a whole family as a unit, you find ways that you can," Lori Yielding said of her son and husband dancing together

By Joelle Goldstein
September 25, 2020 04:39 PM

A Texas dad is showing his son he'll do anything to make him smile while he battles cancer — even if it means dancing alone outside the teen's hospital window!

Chuck Yielding has been performing weekly dances outside Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth ever since his 14-year-old son, Aiden, started undergoing chemotherapy earlier this year, according to a press release from the hospital.

The idea came to him when Aiden was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but hospital restrictions only allowed one parent to be with him during treatment.

"Just anything to bring his spirits up a little bit, and let him know he is not alone. We are with him," Chuck told CBS affiliate KTVT.

Chuck and Aiden Yielding
| Credit: Cook Children’s

Every Tuesday, Aiden undergoes chemotherapy at a clinic for cancer treatment and is joined by his mother, Lori, who works at the hospital, according to a Facebook post from Cook Children's Medical Center.

Meanwhile, outside in the parking lot, Chuck looks for the nearest window and then waits patiently until his son can go to a room where he can see his father, the hospital said.

When Aiden is finally there, he hops on the phone with his dad and then watches as Chuck puts on a solo, music-free dance party from three stories below.

No dance is off limits as Chuck shows off everything from his sprinkler and robot to his best disco and cowboy moves.

Aiden with his parents Lori and Chuck Yielding
| Credit: Cook Children’s

Sometimes, Aiden joins in on the fun from the hospital, mirroring his dad's dance moves as Lori records the sweet moment.

"It's funny watching him figuring out all that he is going to do," Aiden told KTVT. "It just cheers me up sometimes."

Besides uplifting her son, Lori told the outlet that the dances also prove how nothing can get in the way of their family's love and support for one another.

"Family is everything, togetherness is everything," she said. "But even when you can’t be together as a whole family as a unit, you find ways that you can."

Aiden Yielding
| Credit: Cook Children’s

The Yieldings have created a Facebook group called "ALL in for Aiden," where they document his cancer journey and provide updates during his treatment. The group currently has over 900 members.

Chuck and Lori are also planning to host a blood drive on Saturday, Oct. 3 in Fort Worth.

Those interested in signing up can so do here.