Tesla Owner Decides to Blow Up His Car with Dynamite When Faced with $22,000 Repair Bill

Tuomas Katainen destroyed his 2013 Tesla Model S with 66 lbs. of dynamite — and the explosive event was documented in a viral YouTube video

man blows up tesla
Photo: Pommijätkät/ youtube

Faced with a car that was no longer working up to snuff, one Tesla owner in Finland disposed of the vehicle with a bang.

Tuomas Katainen blew up his modified 2013 Tesla Model S and recorded the explosive event in a now-viral YouTube video, which was posted earlier this month. According to Insider, Katainen made the decision after he was told it would cost him around $22,000 to replace the car's battery.

Katainen first bought the vehicle over a year and a half ago, according to CNN. At first, the car worked fine, but after about 900 miles, Katainen started to notice water leaks and error codes, per Insider.

man blows up tesla
Pommijätkät/ youtube

After he took the car to a repair shop and received the costly repair estimate, Katainen made the decision to go a different route.

He then reached out to several YouTubers, including Lauri Vuohensilta from the popular Hydraulic Press channel as well as the experts behind the Pommijatkat ("Bomb Dudes") channel, per Insider.

When it came time for the main event, the team removed the Tesla's battery and motors and transported the car to its explosion site in Jaala, a village located two hours outside Helsinki, according to the outlet.

Then, thanks to 66 lbs. of dynamite, Katainen said goodbye to his Tesla, which was blown up in an abandoned quarry with the help of the Bomb Dudes and their volunteers.

Before blowing up the Tesla, the group dropped a dummy made to look like company founder Elon Musk from a helicopter onto the car. The figure was then strapped into the Tesla before the explosives were set off, according to Insider.

When reached for comment by PEOPLE, a rep for Tesla did not immediately respond.

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Lastly, Katainen pushed the button to explode the vehicle from the safety of a blast shelter, and he and the team who helped him erupted into cheers as the car blasted away for good.

The entire event was recorded and posted on Dec. 17, where it has over five million views as of Thursday morning.

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