Tenn. Woman Renews Driver's License – Only to Receive ID with Photo of Empty Chair

"I was at work Friday and [my boss] pointed to a chair outside of his office door and was like, 'I thought this was you, I waved at it this morning,'" Jade Dodd said of the funny photo mishap

Currently on hold with the dmv since this is what I got in the mail when I renewed my license....
Photo: Jade Dodd Facebook

Many people are concerned about what they look like in their driver's license photo, but that wasn't the biggest of one Tennessee woman's concerns when she recently renewed her license.

Instead of receiving the new ID card with her photo on the front, Jade Dodd said was sent a license with a photo of an empty chair, she wrote in a Facebook post.

"Currently on hold with the [Department of Motor Vehicles] since this is what I got in the mail when I renewed my license.... 🤦‍♀️" she captioned the Aug. 5 post of her hilarious license mishap.

Dodd, who lives in Bon Aqua Junction, explained to ABC affiliate WKRN that several people didn't believe her when she pointed out that there was an error with her license.

"I was with my mom and we were going to eat lunch and I said, 'You need to see this, this isn’t right,'" Dodd recalled, adding that, "The lady at the DMV did not really believe me when I was like, 'Hey, I need my license fixed.'"

"Then, she looked it up in the system and goes, 'Oh, I need my manager for this,'" she added to the local outlet.

While many were stunned to see a photo of the empty chair, Dodd said others found the mishap to be rather amusing.

"My boss thinks it’s funnier than anyone," she told WKRN. "I was at work Friday and he pointed to a chair outside of his office door and was like, 'I thought this was you, I waved at it this morning,' and I was like, 'Thanks.'"

"One of my coworkers was like, 'Keep it in a picture frame, you can use it as a wall decoration and it’s a conversation starter when you have dinner,'" Dodd added.

Dodd's coworkers weren't the only ones who got a good laugh out of the situation. After posting the photo on Facebook, where it went viral with over 19,000 shares, users began creating memes with the image.

Dodd posted some of them to her page, showing pictures of the chair Photoshopped behind the wheel of a car, at a voting site wearing an "I Voted" sticker, buying beer at a convenience shop and in several movie posters.

There was also one that joked Violet from Disney Pixar's The Incredibles had gotten her license because her character is able to render herself invisible in the film.

"People have been sending me memes that they made and telling me happy late birthday," she shared with WKRN. "It's been weird."

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After getting ahold of the appropriate DMV officials, Dodd was finally able to get everything squared away and received her correct license on Monday.

In a statement to WKRN, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security explained how the photo error occurred and noted that it was the first time something like this had ever happened.

"When the customer visited the Driver Services Center a few years ago, during the transaction, an examiner made an error by capturing and saving the wrong photo [of an empty chair] to the customer’s profile," the statement read. "When the customer recently renewed her driver license online, she received an image of a chair because that was the last picture taken on file."

"When the Department was made aware of her situation, we immediately made things right with the customer and provided her with a license with her actual photo and have addressed this situation internally," the statement continued.

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

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