Tennessee Woman Who Gave Birth While in a Coma Dies 3 Years After Regaining Consciousness

A Tennessee woman has died three years after giving birth to her son while in a coma

A Tennessee woman has died three years after giving birth to her son while in a coma.

Sharista Giles’ family confirmed in a Facebook post that she had passed away Monday, almost four years after being severely injured in a car accident.

In 2014, Giles was returning to her Sweetwater, TN, home with friends from a concert in Nashville when the driver of the car hit a guardrail, according to WATE 6.

While her friends walked away from the crash, Giles was badly injured and unresponsive.

At the time, she was four months pregnant with a son, Leighton. Despite his mom being in a coma, Baby L – as his family dubbed him – was successfully delivered by doctors.

Lighton, who turned 3 in January, was born prematurely and weighed two pounds upon birth, according to Fox News.


Following her son’s birth, Giles remained unresponsive. However, in April 2015, Giles woke from her coma when she fluttered her eyes open.

According to her family, Giles slowly regained the ability to open and close her hands and did say a few words.

In December, Giles suffered from “double pneumonia” and spent time in the ICU, according to a Facebook post by her family.

They asked everyone for prayers in March, although details of what Giles was ailing from were not revealed.

“Hello everyone, we all are still Praying as you all are. There is really no change since the last post,” the post read. “I really truly wish I could say there is. If y’all don’t mind please continue to Pray! I know God works miracles everyday!!”

The post continued, “Sharista is a strong young lady and it’s been over 3 years since the accident, We would love to see her Beautiful eyes n Smile sparkle again!! And most of all Leighton needs his mommy and she needs him!!! God Bless to All.”

Her family wrote a post confirming her death on Monday.

“This saddens my heart to say but we all know she is no longer suffering,” the post read. “Sharista Giles gained her wings this morning.”

“She has suffered for 3 1/2 years now she is rejoicing with Our Heavenly Father. She can walk, talk, sing, dance, and put that Beautiful Smile back on again. RIP. .. OUR SWEET ANGEL….. WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL AND YOU ARE GREATLY MISSED! AND WE WILL MAKE SURE YOUR BABY BOY WILL BE LOVED AND TAKEN CARE OF. FLY HIGH AND SPREAD YOUR WINGS,” it concluded.

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