"I just can't name one person they did not help in some way," their relative, Amber Phillips, told The Tennessean

A Tennessee couple was killed in a car crash on Saturday soon after leaving a relative’s funeral.

Cameo Jenkins, 38, and Troy Jenkins, 49, had just left a church parking lot and were driving their 1968 Camaro — which only had lap belts due to the age of the car — when it struck a rock wall, according to a news release from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

The car accelerated rapidly before crashing, although there were signs of braking, police said. According to the release, “Excessive speed is the primary contributing factor to the collision.”

A relative of the couple, Amber Phillips, told The Tennessean that they were “amazing people.”

“I just can’t name one person they did not help in some way,” said Phillips, who added that they both helped her out in a time of need after the father of her youngest child was killed in a homicide.

“She was there for us, physically and emotionally,” she told the newspaper of Cameo. “She was a mentor, a friend, and she was even my realtor — she helped me buy my home.”

Credit: Troy Jenkins/Facebook

A close friend of Sanders-Jenkins posted on Facebook that the two planned to “spend the day swimming and hanging out” on Sunday and that her “heart is now crushed.”


According to The Tennessean, Troy was a maintenance worker for a property management company and Cameo was a real estate broker.

“She had a spark to her, and nobody pushed her around and nobody ran over her,” Cameo’s colleague, Daniel Miller, told the newspaper. “But she would also help anybody — her family, her friends — she was there for everyone.”