Quick-Thinking Teens Rescue 8-Year-Old Boy Dangling 20 Feet from Ski Lift

The boy was being held on to by a man who was unable to pull him back into the lift

A group of five teenagers are being credited with the rescue of a boy who was hanging from a ski lift two stories in the air at a North Vancouver resort earlier this week, according to NBC’s Today.

Footage captured from the dramatic rescue at Grouse Mountain shows the boy’s father holding on to his arms as he dangles 20 feet in the air above the snow-covered slope. As he desperately tries to pull his child back into the lift to no avail, a group of teenagers begins to muster up a plan to help.

“People were there but they were just standing looking at the kid, not knowing what to do,” 12-year-old Joshua Ravensbergen told the Vancouver Sun.

Added friend Ethan Harvey to NBC: “They pointed to the lift and I saw the kid dangling. I was like, ‘Holy smokes.’ ”

After spotting a piece of mesh fencing nearby, the teenagers held it below the lift to act as a safety net for the boy’s fall — and they were unsure if it was going to work.

“Inside, I had anxiety,” Harvey told Today. “I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I really just kind of knew, like, we could do this.”


Once in position, the teenagers call out to the boy to kick off his skis, and moments later, he falls into the net. The video shows the group break out into applause once they release the boy is unharmed, and their spur of the moment plan was a success.

According to the Sun, the resort is unsure how the boy ended up hanging from the lift and they are following protocol by launching an investigation, Grouse Mountain spokeswoman Julia Grant said. Aside from the boy’s father, his mother and three-year-old sister were also in the lift at the time of the rescue, the newspaper added.

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For their efforts, the group of rescuers were given complimentary season passes, Grant said.

“It’s interesting to be called a hero. l don’t really think it’s settled in that we saved a child’s life,” Harvey told NBC. “It’s pretty incredible.”

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