"They were just special, as young as they were," said Catherine Ritchie

When four teenagers in Oklahoma were sitting around looking for something to do, the last thing they expected was that they would end up saving their 90-year-old neighbor’s life.

Three weeks ago, 16-year-old Seth Byrd and his three friends “were fixing to go to QT to get something to drink” when they smelled fire, he told Tulsa ABC affiliate KTUL.

“It smelled kind of like burning rubber. Then, we heard the house alarm go off,” 16-year-old Dylan Wick also told the news outlet.

Catherine Ritchie, who has lived in the same house in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, for the past 58 years, added that she was “getting ready for bed in the bathroom, and I turned around, and my bed, the head of my bed, was covered in flames.”

When she realized she couldn’t put out the fire herself, she called 911 but wasn’t able to leave her bedroom because of the smoke.

“I felt along the wall, and I went into the closet instead of the door to get out of the room. I finally did get to the door,” she told KTUL.

It was then that Byrd, Wick, and their two friends broke in through the back door and found Ritchie in her hallway.

“I just kind of heard her,” said Byrd. “I went to the right of the house, and no one was there. I went to the left of the house, and I saw her in the hallway, so I just grabbed her and took her to Seth.”

Ritchie recalled him being “right there” and then picking her up even though she told him she could walk.

She told the news outlet that ever since that night, “my life has just changed the better.”

Ritchie said of the teens, “They were just special, as young as they were.”