Lamyrical Harris was accepted into more than two dozen colleges while raising her infant son

By Jason Duaine Hahn
May 24, 2019 02:28 PM

A Tennessee teen balanced new parenthood, earning her high school diploma and becoming valedictorian — all while earning more than $1 million in scholarships as she prepares for the next steps in her education.

According to WREG, Lamyrical Harris of Trezevant High School scored acceptance letters to more than two dozen colleges and graduated with honors when she walked across the stage to receive her diploma this year. While the talented teen has always been a hard worker, she had extra motivation to succeed after finding out she was pregnant during her junior year.

“I was scared,” Harris told the news station. “It just made me go 10 times harder.”

As she continued to study and earn good grades, Harris applied for scholarships and had earned $200,000 by the end that academic year.

“She came to school. She took care of business and her motivation has been her child,” Trezevant High School Assistant Principal Yolanda Sherrod told WREG.

By the start of her senior year, she had hit a whopping $500,000, with no signs of slowing down. At graduation, Harris surpassed the million-dollar mark, and the school commended her in a post on their Facebook page.

“We have our first MILLION DOLLAR SCHOLAR in Trezevant history,” the school wrote on May 19. “Our valedictorian, Lamyrical Harris, has been offered a total of $1,244,298 in ACADEMIC scholarships, making her our first to receive this honor.”

Lamyrical Harris
Lamyrical Harris

“While we’ve had some amazing athletes throughout Trezevant history, she is the first to earn this amount solely in academic scholarships,” their post continued. “The class of 2019 continues to break records and leave its mark on THS forever. Congratulations Lamyrical!”

The post has received thousands of likes and comments from users who offered her congratulatory messages.

“She persevered, demonstrated tenacity and has been rewarded. May God’s blessings Continue to pour down on her and her baby as she continues her life’s journey!” wrote one user.

“Our first Million dollar Scholar! This is a proud moment for your family! Keep GOD first & Stay focused young lady!” wrote another.

Harris said she is still deciding where she will go to school but plans to give back to Trezevant High School one day. She also hopes her son, Laderrious Moore, will be as successful as his mom as he grows up.

“I want him to be valedictorian of his class, and I want him to have over a million dollars in scholarships,” she said.

Harris isn’t the only high school grad to make headlines this year for her accomplishments — earlier this month, 17-year-old Tupac Mosley graduated from Raleigh Egypt High School in Memphis with a whopping $3 million in scholarships. And while the monetary amount is impressive, it’s even more remarkable that he was able to earn the funds while being homeless — and keeping a 4.3 GPA.