H.S. Baseball Player Hospitalized After Colliding with Outfield Wall While Trying to Catch Fly Ball

AJ Sawmiller is currently in the ICU, with multiple face fractures, broken bones and a concussion

AJ Sawmiller
AJ Sawmiller. Photo: gofundme

A Florida teen was severely injured playing the very sport he loved most.

AJ Sawmiller was playing in a high school baseball game on Sunday when the "unthinkable, tragic accident" occurred on the diamond, according to a GoFundMe page set up on his behalf.

While attempting to run down a fly ball, the Sickles High School player suddenly collided into an outfield wall, the page stated.

"AJ suffered severe trauma with multiple fractures to his forehead, eyes, nose and mouth areas, a broken jaw, a broken wrist, a broken big toe, a concussion and other minor injuries," the description reads. " [He] was taken by ambulance to the hospital and currently is in the ICU unit."

AJ Sawmiller
AJ Sawmiller. gofundme

In the wake of the accident, the GoFundMe page was set up by John Timko to help Sawmiller and his family with medical and care expenses. In just one day, it has raised over $32,000.

On the fundraiser, Timko said baseball is "one of [Sawmiller's] life's passions" and noted how the teen has aspirations of playing in college but may now face some challenges due to his condition.

"AJ is a kind, caring, bright, intelligent, funny, thoughtful and hard-working young man that loves his two biggest passions in life: playing baseball and playing in the Sickles High school marching band," Timko wrote. "AJ is the type of kid that always has a smile on his face, a quick wit about him, always a kind word to say, soft-spoken and polite, and driven to whatever he puts his mind to do."

"He is a scholar student in the classroom and something that AJ takes great pride in as he mapped out his upcoming future college plans, long-term career aspirations and possible baseball future," he went on. "The future is still very much a bright one for AJ, but unfortunately it will be one with a bit of near-term challenges and obstacles as he overcomes the results from this recent tragic accident."

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Timko went on to urge others to donate to the cause, emphasizing how "any donation, large or small will help ... a great family and even a better kid in AJ Sawmiller in his journey to recovery from this devastating accident!"

Sickles Gryphons Baseball echoed those sentiments on Twitter, writing alongside the GoFundMe link, "Please consider helping an amazing kid and family through these difficult times."

Those interested in donating to Sawmiller's GoFundMe can do so here.

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