"Some days you just have to play a toot sound during class to lighten the mood," third-grade teacher Emma Ginder wrote on Facebook

By Gabrielle Chung
December 17, 2020 08:18 PM

A Kansas teacher's attempt "to lighten the mood" during a virtual class is receiving big laughs from students and parents alike.

Emma Ginder, a third-grade teacher in Topeka, has gone viral after playing a fart noise during an online lesson.

In a recording of the prank, which has been shared more than 37,000 times on Facebook, Ginder instructs her students to take out their books. During a silent break in the lesson, a loud farting sound can be heard.

"What was that?" one young boy asks, as Ginder tries to stifle her laughter.

"I think she farted," another student quips.

The class ends up bursting into a fit of giggles.

"Some days you just have to play a toot sound during class to lighten the mood," Ginder wrote on her Facebook. "Way too good not to share. Also, I apologize for having the maturity of an 8 year old boy 🙃."

Her post has since received more than 5,000 comments, with many praising Ginder for her creative way of grabbing kids' attention as students continue to learn remotely amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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"maybe I’ll do this to see if my students are paying attention "🤣," one user commented.

"Those laughs are priceless!!" another commenter wrote.

Ginder told local news station KSNT that she decided to pull a prank on her students because she wanted to uplift their spirits.

"They’ve gotten to know me and they know that I’m one they should be comfortable with and they can joke around with," Ginder said. "I love that we have that relationship with one another and I love that we can all laugh at a toot because it is funny no matter how old you are."