"Nobody ever wants snow on their wedding day, but they do now!" the couple's wedding photographer said

By Morgan M. Evans
October 03, 2019 02:40 PM
Jaime Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography

There is such a thing as a great wedding crasher after all — just ask Sean and Brittany Tuohy.

The Tuohys weren’t expecting an off-season snowstorm to hit their September wedding, which they had been planning for a year. But the unexpected snow shower made for a whimsical setting, creating breathtaking photos that the couple couldn’t have dreamt up.

“Nobody really anticipated it to turn into a full-blown blizzard,” the couple’s wedding photographer, Jaime Fletcher — who didn’t directly know the bride and groom but was friends with the bride’s maid of honor — told Today.

The Arizona-based couple, who both grew up in the Pacific Northwest, had their heart set on a wedding in the mountains of Spokane and chose the rustic Bear Creek Lodge as their venue, Today reported on Wednesday.

On the day of the Sept. 28 wedding, the bride arrived at the venue to unexpectedly snowy surroundings but wasn’t fazed by the turn in the weather.

“I got up there and imagined they’d be in bad spirits and it was quite the opposite. They were laughing and giggling about how Brittany has the worst luck,” Fletcher told the outlet.

Sean and Brittany Tuohy
Jaime Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography
Sean and Brittany Tuohy
Jaime Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography

Instead of letting a little snow ruin their big day, the Tuohys decided to embrace the white wonderland.

“They said, ‘Let’s wing it and let’s do it,’ ” Fletcher recalled. “So we all ran outside and snapped those photos in minutes. It was pure anxiety and the conditions were awful. I didn’t know what to do!”

Despite being unprepared for the chilly conditions, the bridal party used their winter white backdrop to their advantage, posing for a set of festive wedding photos.

While the bride matched the snow-covered ground in her lace mermaid-style gown, the wedding party complimented the winter setting in their ice blue ensembles — the groomsmen in white and blue plaid button-downs and the bridesmaids in solid blue sleeveless dresses.

Brittany Tuohy with her bridesmaids
Jaime Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography
Sean and Brittany Tuohy
Jaime Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography
Brittany and Sean Tuohy
Jaime Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography

The newlywed couple is now enjoying their honeymoon in Munich, Germany, indulging in the festivities of Oktoberfest, according to Today.

Luckily for the pair, snow doesn’t seem to be in the forecast, but while out of the country, Sean revealed to Today in an email that he and his wife were shocked by the attention their wedding photos have received, saying that they are “extremely grateful” for the love of the viral snaps.

“We never would have thought our spontaneous reaction to this snowstorm would get so much attention. Brittany pushed everyone to take pictures outside. Jaime did a fantastic job coordinating it inside. And then we all rushed out and just had fun,” he said. “We wouldn’t have changed that day for anything.”

And while spring and summer tend to be the desired wedding seasons, the Tuohys may have unintentionally started a whole new trend.

“Nobody ever wants snow on their wedding day,” Fletcher added. “But they do now!”