January 09, 2017 01:57 PM

Eight-year-old Michele Threefoot had plenty of options to choose from for “Superhero Day” at her school. But when it came down to making her final decision, she came up with an unexpected choice.

“She and her sister aren’t really into Marvel superheroes, so I was just going to put them in Supergirl capes and masks. But while our family was talking about it, she told me she wanted to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So we went with it!” Michele’s mother, Krista Three-foot, told The Huffington Post.

Michele learned about Ginsburg from a children’s book called I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark, which her mother picked up for her at a writing conference.


“When I read it, I felt really happy because she said I looked just like her. It was really special because she wrote it by hand,” Michele told her mom.

Michele couldn’t keep her excitement to herself. She took it to school with her on Friday where her math teacher read the letter and talked about the Supreme Court.

Her fellow students took note as well. Several of them want to be “real” superheroes next year, including Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton.

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