Everything to Know About June's Strawberry Moon, Including How to See It

The Strawberry Moon on June 14 will coincide with a supermoon, marking the second one of 2022

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A sweet celestial spectacle is upon us!

This month's full moon, recognized as the Strawberry Moon, is set to reach its peak illumination during the morning of June 14 this year, but won't become visible in North American time zones until later in the evening.

Sky watchers are in for a summery treat because not only will they get to experience the breathtaking lunar display, but they'll be able to feast their eyes on yet another supermoon!

Since the natural satellite will be within 90% of perigee (its closest approach to Earth), NASA says it qualifies as a supermoon — marking the second time this phenomenon has happened this year, following May's super flower blood moon.

The space agency also notes that June's full moon has alternate names, in addition to its most common title, "Strawberry." It's also recognized as the Mead or Honey Moon in Europe because the end of June signified the time when honey was ready for harvesting.

Rose Moon is another name for June's celestial spectacle, because the particular flower blooms around this time of year. Other titles include Hot Moon, Hoe Moon, and Planting Moon — deriving from either European or Native American origin.

Between when and where to watch, here's everything to know about June's Strawberry Super Moon!

When is the Strawberry Moon in 2022?

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The Strawberry Moon reaches peak illumination at 7:52 a.m. ET on June 14 this year. Though it'll be its brightest on Tuesday morning, the moon won't be visible in North American time zones until after sunset.

Fortunately for sky watchers, the moon will appear full from Sunday night through Wednesday morning — but the full moon from June 14 to 15 "will be the lowest full moon of the year," according to NASA.

How to see the Strawberry Moon in 2022?

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The best time to view the spectacle is approximately 12 hours post peak (at 7:24 p.m. ET) because the moon will be its closest to Earth, meaning June's supermoon will be in full force.

To catch a glimpse of the large, golden-hued ball, look towards the southeast to watch it rise just above the horizon. It can easily be spotted with the naked eye, but cross your fingers for clear skies!

Consult the Farmer's Almanac moonrise and moonset calculator to see when the full moon will appear in your area.

When is the next full moon after the Strawberry Moon?

july buck moon

Following June's Strawberry Moon is July's Super Buck Moon. It will arrive in the night sky on July 13, 2022.

When is the next supermoon?

Similar to June's Strawberry supermoon, the Buck Moon on July 13 will also be a supermoon, according to EarthSky.org.

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