"For someone to take the time out of their day, to do that for strangers, means the world to us," said Hagen's mom, Ashley Davis
Southwest Airlines, Buzz Lightyear
A photo that Jason sent Hagen of Buzz Lightyear
| Credit: Southwest Airlines/Facebook

A Southwest Airline employee went to "infinity and beyond" in order to return a little boy's Buzz Lightyear toy that he left behind on a flight.

Hagen Davis has since been reunited with his beloved action figure all thanks to a ramp agent named Jason at Little Rock Airport in Arkansas, according to a post from Southwest.

Not only did Jason go out of his way to identify Buzz's owner and return it to him, but the Southwest employee also sent the toy back in "a hand-decorated box, complete with a letter describing his mission at Southwest Airlines," along with accompanying photos, Southwest said.

"There's definitely not enough good in this world," Hagen's mom, Ashley Davis, said in the post. "And for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us."

Southwest Airlines, Buzz Lightyear
Hagen Davis
| Credit: Southwest Airlines/Facebook

As Ashley explained in her own Facebook post, her family was traveling to Dallas, Texas after her husband's uncle suddenly died.

"It was a long flight with a two-year-old, and myself, 7 months pregnant," she wrote, noting that once they arrived at Dallas Love Field Airport, she collected all their things.

It wasn't until the family got to their rental car that Ashley said she realized Buzz was missing.

By that point, their Southwest Airlines plane was already on the way to its next destination in Little Rock, where it was scheduled to park for the night, according to the airline's post.

Southwest Airlines, Buzz Lightyear
The surprise that Jason sent Hagen
| Credit: Southwest Airlines/Facebook
Southwest Airlines, Buzz Lightyear
The surprise that Jason sent to Hagen
| Credit: Southwest Airlines/Facebook

"My son was devastated," Ashley explained. "He loved his Buzz so much and even had his name written on the bottom of his boot just like the Buzz from the movie has Andy on his."

"I looked into how to claim lost items with SWA," she continued in her post. "The cost alone to submit a claim exceeded the cost of Buzz and chalked it up as a loss."

As the family carried on with their trip to Dallas for the funeral, the Toy Story character was soon discovered by Jason at Little Rock.

"Jason knew someone was missing their friend badly, so he began some investigating to discover who he belonged to," Southwest explained. "Soon, a name written on the bottom of the boot caught Jason's eye: 'Hagen.' With the help of Beth, his Coheart, Jason learned there was only one 'Hagen' who had traveled on that aircraft that day."

Ashley Davis’s son Hagen and his Buzz Lightyear toy
Hagen with Buzz Lightyear
| Credit: Ashley Davis/Facebook

Once he determined Buzz's owner, Ashley said Jason reached out via email to let them know he found Hagen's toy.

Jason then carried out his creative idea to return Buzz, and the "sweet surprise" arrived at the Davis' home just a few days later, according to Southwest's post.

Ashley noted in her post that the amount of effort Jason put into the return meant so much to her.

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"The box was decorated amazingly (you're really talented Jason!)" Ashley wrote in her post. "The letter was absolutely adorable, and he sent all the pictures he took with him too."

"The thought and care he put into getting Hagen his Buzz back when Hagen left him on the plane in Dallas was beyond thoughtful and sweet," she continued. "It will be a memory he has to cherish forever and an incredibly cool story to tell as he gets older."

"Thank you again so so much Jason and SWA [Southwest Airlines]!" Ashley added. "This morning the first thing Hagen did was grab his Buzz and cuddle up with him to watch morning cartoons, my heart is mush."