Aime-Jean St. Hilaire-Adam died on Monday after a skydiving incident resulted in him crash-landing on a roof in Perris, California

By Char Adams
January 23, 2018 04:40 PM
A skydiver landed on a roof in california and diedCredit: KCAL
Credit: KCAL

An experienced skydiver died on Monday when he crash-landed on a roof in California, shocking the owner of the home, PEOPLE confirms.

Officials with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection responded to the incident around 3:30 p.m. local time after Aime-Jean St. Hilaire-Adam fatally smashed into the roof, a department spokesman tells PEOPLE.

“It’s just overwhelming,” Eli Cena Blanco told local TV station KCBS. “Somebody just passed on my roof … How do you just go on from here?”

The Cal Fire spokesman said that St. Hilaire-Adam was dead when authorities arrived at the scene in Perris. The Canadian man reportedly collided with another skydiver in the air and was unconscious when he landed on the roof, according to KCBS.

The Riverside County, California, coroner confirmed 27-year-old St. Hilaire-Adam’s death to PEOPLE.

“I was cleaning my room and I heard a really loud noise,” Blanco’s daughter, Christina, told KCBS. “He just passed away on our home. He went out to do something fun and adventurous … and it ended just like that.”

Officials told KCBS that St. Hilaire-Adam was an elite jumper — boasting more than 1,000 successful jumps — who was in Perris for an international competition.

Neighbor Ali Muhasfen said the man’s emergency parachute deployed on its own as he landed on the home.

“He hit the house hard,” he told KCBS. “He was definitely unconscious before he hit the house.”