"I like helping the community," sixth-grader Kellee Monday said

A group of sixth graders went a step beyond decking the halls this holiday season – they decorated their entire town.

Close to 90 sixth-grade students from Reed Elementary in Kuna, Idaho, painted more than 30 storefronts to turn their town into a winter wonderland, reports local news station KXXV.

“I don’t really care about presents,” student Kellee Monday told the station as she took a break from painting trees and snowmen. “I mean it’s more about giving than receiving. I like helping the community.”


Students have been carrying out the window-painting tradition they call “Operation Decoration” as a community service project for the past five years thanks to grants and business donations.

Teacher Sari Stewart said the project both brightens up the town and instills a sense of civic duty among the students.

“At this point, they are learning how important it is to do community service, and they feel that sense of pride that a lot of them have never felt before,” Stewart said.

Local businessman Christopher Mayers, whose office window received a warm “Happy Holidays” greeting, said it’s a holiday tradition he’s happy to support.

“It’s fantastic that we can give back to the community, and they can give back to us,” Mayers told the news station. “And they’re doing a fantastic job on our windows.”