The English broadcaster and historian became the fastest Instagram user to gain 1 million followers, achieving the feat in just four hours and 44 minutes

By Joelle Goldstein
November 25, 2020 01:07 PM
Sir David Attenborough
| Credit: Shannon Finney/Getty

And just like that, Sir David Attenborough has departed Instagram.

Only two months after Attenborough, 94, claimed the record for the fastest time to reach one million followers, the English broadcaster and historian has left the social media platform.

In his last post on Oct. 31, Attenborough warned his followers of the dangers of climate change and said in a video, "disaster or triumph, what happens next is up to us."

"This might be a wrap for this account," Jonnie Hughes and Colin Butfield, who worked with Attenborough on his Netflix documentary, A Life On Our Planet, and were running the filmmaker's account, wrote beside the clip.

"We won't be posting anything else, though the account will stay open for you to watch David's messages - but we hope it's a springboard for many others to build on and share the ways we might create a sustainable future," they added.

In addition to his departure video, Attenborough's bio currently reads "Account no longer active."

A spokesperson for Attenborough did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Attenborough first joined Instagram on Sept. 24 and marked the occasion by posting a video, in which he revealed he was "making this move and exploring this new way of communication" to educate viewers that "the world is in trouble."

"Continents are on fire, glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on and on," he said in the clip. "But we know what to do about it."

Butfield and Hughes wrote in a message accompanying the video that they were helping out because social media "isn’t David’s usual habitat."

"David Attenborough has spent a lifetime traveling, exploring the wild places of our planet and documenting the living world in all its variety and wonder," they wrote. "He's also witnessed the damage caused. Saving our planet is now a communications challenge. We know what to do, we just need the will."

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Just four hours after joining the platform, Attenborough's account reached one million followers, making him the fastest user on Instagram to reach the follower milestone, according to Guinness World Records. He now has 6.2 million followers.

His feat beat the record previously held by Jennifer Aniston, who joined Instagram in October 2019 and gained 1 million followers in five hours and 16 minutes, according to GWR.

Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint now holds the acclaimed title, gaining 1 million followers in just four hours and one minute on Nov. 10, GWR reported.