January 05, 2017 10:07 AM

The Shoff family is setting the record straight after some have questioned the authenticity of a video showing their toddler pinned under a fallen dresser.

Little Brock and Bowdy Shoff made headlines earlier this week after their mother, Kayli, uploaded nanny cam footage showing the harrowing moments in which 2-year-old Bowdy pushed a fallen dresser off of his twin brother in the nursery of their Orem, Utah, home.

However, some skeptics have called the video a hoax, noting that the dresser was empty and the camera appeared to be focused on the furniture. But the boys’ father, Rick, said both were simple coincidences.

“They would get into the drawers, pull all the clothes that we had in the drawer and put them out and just throw them all over the room during naptime or whatever,” Rick explained during a Thursday appearance on Good Morning America. “So we just decided the easiest thing was to empty the drawers and put all their clothes in, like, the closet.”

He added: [The boys] are pretty active so we do what ever we can to … make sure we can keep [their nursery] clean.”

Kayli previously explained that she and her husband didn’t know what happened until they checked their security footage and saw the scary ordeal unfold. However, some have claimed that the couple staged the incident, noting that Rick works for a camera company.

Shoff Family

“I’m just an employee. I’m in sales for them and there’s thousands of sales reps for the company,” Rick explained. “We have cameras throughout our whole house and that camera’s just positioned in the best angle to see the entire room. So, it wasn’t positioned just to have just the dresser.”

He added that the cameras in the family’s home are attached to the walls and are not adjustable.

The boys were uninjured and the parents have since bolted the IKEA dresser to the wall, Kayli previously told GMA.

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