Sheryl Sandberg Honors Her Mom, Soon-to-Be Mother-in-Law, and Late Husband's Mother for Mother's Day

"Mother's Day is about honoring every variety of mom," the Facebook COO wrote for Mother's Day while paying tribute to her own mom, as well as the mothers of her fiancé and late husband

Sheryl Sandberg is celebrating all her favorite moms.

The Facebook COO, 52, paid tribute to her mother and both mothers-in-law for Mother's Day by sharing a photo with the group of ladies. "This #MothersDay I'm feeling so thankful for all the amazing moms in my life," she began her Instagram caption.

"My earliest inspiration and role model is my mom, @adele.sandberg. She has taught me so much by example — what it means to work hard, to find joy, and to give back," Sandberg wrote on Saturday. "She sets the best example of optimism and always finding the positive even in life's challenges of anyone I have ever met. And she gives the best advice in almost any situation. Mom, I could never thank you enough for being the person I most inspire to live up to in my life."

The social media executive also included her late husband Dave Goldberg's mother Paula in the post. Sandberg was married to the tech exec from 2004 until he died from arrhythmia in 2015, and they shared two children.

"From the moment I met Dave's mom Paula, I was in awe of her commitment to helping others. She deeply believes in doing what she can to make the world a better place and has helped instill that sense of purpose in my children," she wrote. "Her support not just when Dave was with us, but in encouraging me to find love after we lost him, was transformative. Paula, you raised two amazing sons and did so much for the world, and for me."

Sandberg also paid tribute to Joan, the mother of her fiancé Tom Bernthal. She and Tom, 49 — whose brother is The Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthalannounced their engagement to PEOPLE in Feb. 2020.

"The ultimate silver lining of covid was that @tom_bernthal's mother Joan moved in with us. Every day over the last two years, she has helped Tom and me raise, love, and look after our kids. She is steadfast in her love for her children and grandchildren, always giving and nurturing to me and to them, and as a child therapist by training, understands families and what children need in a unique and deep way. Joan, as lucky as I am to have found Tom later in life, I am just as lucky to have found you," Sandberg wrote.

The Option B author previously revealed that Dave's brother Rob introduced her to Tom, as both brothers were friends with the former NBC News producer.

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"These incredible women provide an endless supply of affection and strength to our family. Their wisdom guides us. Their big hearts sustain us," she wrote in her Mother's Day post. "We would never be who we are today — the 'BernBergs' (Bernthals + Sandbergs + Goldbergs) — without their unconditional support."

"Mother's Day is about honoring every variety of mom — mothers, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, teachers — helping to raise the next generation. For us, with all of our Moms still with us, the day has always been a family favorite. But for many others, it lands more heavily. If you're having a hard time, I hope you spend the day in any way that feels right to you — remembering, reflecting, or opting out entirely. Know that I'm sending you all my love and support," Sandberg concluded.

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