Courtesy Shari Williams

Williams was out shopping with her daughters last month when her youngest girl stopped breathing

June 04, 2014 05:55 PM

It was a mother’s worst nightmare.

Last month, Shari Williams went to unbuckle her 15-month-old daughter, Diamon, from her car seat when the baby suddenly began choking and gasping for air.

“I grabbed her and I shut the door so my other daughter, who was also in a car seat, wouldn’t get out,” she tells PEOPLE. “I tried to perform CPR as best I could without her getting burnt on the hard surface.”

May 13 was a hot spring day and the pavement of the parking lot outside Olive Garden in Deptford, New Jersey, was practically sizzling.

“Someone please call 911!” screamed Williams, 39, a nursing assistant from Pennsgrove, New Jersey, who is trained in CPR. “Please! My baby’s not breathing.”

Out of nowhere, help arrived.

“A guy said, ‘Give me the baby,’ ” she says. “I let him see she wasn’t breathing and he laid his arm out so her body wasn’t touching my hot car and he performed CPR on her until she gasped for air.”

Afterward, in the flurry of an ambulance arriving, the rush to the hospital and treatment (Diamon had a febrile seizure), Williams was unable to get the mystery man’s name.

A public plea on her Facebook page caught the eye of a Philadelphia TV station, which aired the story May 19.

On Monday, the TV station reunited the grateful mom with her daughter’s rescuer, New Jersey State Police Detective Sgt. Michael Davis.

Davis said his partner, Detective Sgt. First Class Michael Flory, kept him calm while he administered CPR.

“We were fortunate enough to be here at the right place at the right time,” Davis told NBC10. “Hopefully anyone in our situation who had the training in CPR would perform the duty to help out their fellow man.”

Williams is just glad he was there and says her daughter is fully recovered from her ordeal.

“We are so grateful,” she says. “It was just horrible. I never want to live like that again.”

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