A toddler boy died Saturday after suffering injuries while touring the Scottsdale Fire Department station

By Dave Quinn
February 07, 2018 11:52 AM
Credit: Scottsdale Fire Department

A toddler died Saturday after suffering injuries while touring a fire department station in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The boy — who was just under 2 years old and was the relative of an on-duty firefighter at the station — was fatally injured by apparatus bay doors used to allow fire vehicles in and out of Scottsdale Fire Station 601, city officials said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

He received medical attention on the spot by paramedics and was rushed to the trauma center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Officials said the city of Scottsdale is investigating the incident.

“The Scottsdale Fire Department family is deeply saddened by this accident,” the statement read. “We are doing all we can to support and care for the firefighters and family members at the station when the accident occurred, and we ask the community’s thoughts and prayers for this child and his family.”

Scottsdale Fire Chief Tom Shannon also released the following statement:

“The city’s investigative process into this tragic accident continues, when complete it should provide a full picture of what happened and answer the questions many of us have.

“My focus remains on the people who have been devastated. It is impossible to adequately express the sadness we all feel over the loss of this child. My deepest sympathy remains with the family. The fire fighters who responded are receiving the full support of the department as they deal with the impacts of this traumatic event. We ask the public’s understanding and support for everyone involved during this difficult time.”