San Diego Freeway Covered in Loose Dollar Bills After Armored Truck's Door Bursts Open

Video footage shared on social media showed Interstate 5 near San Diego covered in $1 and $20 bills

cash crash
Photo: cbs 8

Southern California commuters were treated to an unusual surprise Friday morning when the door of an armored truck apparently burst open and covered the Interstate 5 freeway near San Diego in cash.

CBS 8 news affiliate first reported the incident, which took place in Carlsbad at 9:15 a.m. Traffic was brought to a standstill as drivers stopped their cars on the freeway to pick up cash that was strewn all over the blacktop.

"One of the doors popped open and bags of cash fell out," California Highway Patrol Sgt. Curtis Martin told the San Diego Tribune. "One of the bags broke apart, and there was cash all over the lanes."

Martin said that the truck had been on its way to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. office, though it remained unclear which one, according to the Tribune. The loose bills appeared to be primarily singles and $20 bills.

Fitness influencer Demi Bagby captured the moment in a video shared on her Instagram, showing giddy drivers running around the freeway with handfuls of green bills.

"This is the most insane thing I've ever seen," she said in the video. "Someone dropped money all over the freeway. San Diego has shut down!"

Bagby tossed some bills into the air, while another person in the video joked, "We're goin' to Sizzler tonight, baby!"

As Bagby drives away, an abandoned armored truck can be seen in the footage on the shoulder of the freeway.

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Two motorists who had locked their keys in their cars amid the commotion were reportedly taken into custody because their cars were blocking traffic lanes, CBS 8, the Tribune and CNN reported. It was unclear if any arrests or charges were made.

A CHP spokesperson said that authorities are urging anyone who grabbed any of the cash on the road to turn it in at the CHP office in Vista, California.

"We're working with the FBI now, it's a joint investigation and if you have picked up any of the cash, I highly suggest you turn it in to the CHP office immediately," the CHP spokesperson told CBS 8. "Because we do have a lot of evidence to follow up on."

In a statement to CBS 8, San Diego FBI Public Affairs said: "The FBI responded in support of the California Highway Patrol, who has taken the lead on this matter. We will defer questions about the investigation, arrests, and applicable charges to the CHP. The public should provide all information regarding this incident and is directed to return all monies, to the CHP."

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