Romeo and Juliet Babies Born Hours Apart at Same Hospital Reunite for Shakespearean Photo Shoot

"We have some amazing newborn photos and a funny story to tell Juliet when she's older,"Christiana Shifflett tells PEOPLE

Photo: Cassie Clayshulte

Two babies named Romeo and Juliet — who were born just hours apart at Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville, South Carolina, on March 19 — reunited for a photo shoot with a Shakespearean theme!

The hospital’s resident photographer Cassie Clayshulte, who was the first person to realize the amazing coincidence and snap a shot of the star-crossed newborns, asked the parents of both babies if they could come together for a second time.

“The photo shoot was so fun for all four of us parents! The theme was Cassie’s idea and it was so fun to watch her creativity flow and to watch her work her magic,” Romeo’s mom, Morgan Hernandez, tells PEOPLE. “We all were so shocked by how well Romeo and Juliet cooperated and snuggled for these adorable photos.”

According to CBS News, Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed Romeo just 18 hours before Christiana and Allan Shifflett welcomed Juliet.

While Clayshulte was talking to Romeo’s parents about doing a photo shoot after their son’s birth, she quickly left the room and ran to the nurses’ station to double check another patient’s name.

It was then that she confirmed that a baby girl named Juliet had been born just hours before.

Morgan says that Clayshulte was originally worried that the photo shoot might cause some negativity because of the ominous ending of Romeo and Juliet.

“But both Christiana and I didn’t care of other people’s opinions and we were all very happy with the outcome of the photos,” she says. “My husband, Edwin, and I have said multiple times to each other how crazy it is because we are just normal people who have picked a unique name for our son.”

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Juliet’s mother, Christiana Shifflett, also loves the precious moments Clayshulte captured.

“It’s been a little overwhelming with how viral the story went, but an overall good experience. We’ve made new friends (Romeo’s parents and Cassie, our photographer), have some amazing newborn photos and a funny story to tell Juliet when she’s older,” she tells PEOPLE.

Both families have also been gifted a year supply of WaterWipes. “We love them already,” says Shifflett.

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