Toddler with Spina Bifida Will Trick-or-Treat without Crutches: 'He Doesn't Need Them Anymore!'

Roman Dinkel's parents didn't know whether he'd ever walk after being born with Spina bifida — now, the 2-year-old will trick-or-treat without his crutches

Whitney and Adam Dinkel didn’t know whether their son Roman Dinkel would ever walk after the boy was born with Spina bifida. Now, the 2-year-old is tackling trick-or-treating without his crutches — making this Halloween extra special.

On Friday, the little boy attended a trunk-or-treat event with his family dressed as Nintendo character Luigi, ditching his forearm crutches. Roman had been practicing walking on his own, and stunned everyone in the neighborhood with his latest accomplishment.

“It has been amazing to see,” Adam tells PEOPLE of Roman walking on his own. “Especially with trick-or-treating, when somebody tells you that your kid may never walk and then you get to see them having the time of their life walking from house to house or from booth to booth. Just seeing him taking it all in and just enjoying it so much, it was really amazing to see. It totally made my night!”


Photos from the event showed Roman posing with his brother Layton, 6, and his 4-year-old sister Gracelyn. Roman will also forego his crutches on Wednesday, when the family goes door-to-door for candy in their Overland Park hometown.

“Honestly, the crutches just slow him down now,” Adam tells PEOPLE. “All he wants to do is keep up with his brother and sister.”

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Roman was diagnosed with the condition when Whitney was just 20 weeks pregnant. At 25 weeks, doctors performed surgery on Roman in utero. The first months of Roman’s life were difficult for the parents as Whitney and Adam often “worried” about their baby’s progress. However, Roman has surprised them every step of the way.

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He became an internet sensation over the summer when videos of the toddler walking with the forearm crutches — which he calls his “sticks” — went viral. He initially used a walker, so the toddler was visibly excited in the videos as he tried out his new tools.


Now, the crutches will soon be a thing of the past too.

“He’s been walking without them,” the father of three says. “His sticks gave him the confidence to want to try to walk without them and he’s been doing great! He really doesn’t need them at all anymore. He’s still working hard on a lot of things, like standing. But he’s doing great!”

Courtesy Dinkel Family

Although Whitney and Adam are pleased by Roman’s progress, they previously said they don’t know what the future holds for their little boy.

“We pray and hope that he grows up and goes to college and gets married and has kids and has a fantastic, long life. But with Spina bifida you don’t know,” Adam says

“He could have any surgery at any given time, whether it’s another brain surgery or whatever. But ultimately we have faith that he’s gonna have an awesome life because of what we’ve done for him. That’s why we do everything we do, to give him the best life possible.”

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