Roman's Cooking Corner! Meet the 2-Year-Old Chef Taking Over the Internet: It's 'Super Cute!'

Roman Belville has become an Internet sensation thanks to adorable YouTube videos that show the little boy baking a cake and preparing a pizza

Photo: Michelle Owen Photography

There’s a new chef in town!

Two-year-old Roman Belville, of South Bend, Indiana, has captured the Internet’s heart thanks to his love of cooking — and being behind the camera! In a pair of YouTube videos, the little boy is shown adorably baking a cake and preparing a pizza.

“He loves being in the kitchen with me,” Roman’s mother, Ayla Belville, tells PEOPLE. “I’ve always either carried him or some way he’s interacted with me with almost everything I cook.”

Ayla, 30, a committed YouTuber, says she discovered her son’s hidden talent by accident. She and the toddler were playing outside one day in August and, in an effort to get the playful little boy to come inside, she mentioned “cake.”

“I post a video every single Wednesday, and I realized I didn’t have a video for this week. So I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll film a video of me and him. That would be super cute together,’ ” Ayla recalls, noting that she measured all the ingredients — but Roman was one step ahead of her.

“He started talking to the camera already. He was like, ‘Hey, guys! We’re baking cake! I’m so excited!’ So I was like, ‘I’ll just turn it on and let him do it. We’ll just see how it goes.’ ”

With that, Roman’s Cooking Corner was born. Ayla says her toddler son is a natural in the kitchen and on camera.

Ayla Belville's 2-year-old son, RomanCredit: Michelle Owen Photography
Michelle Owen Photography

In the sweet YouTube videos, Roman is shown sporting a wide smile as he mixes ingredients with a sweet “sugar please!” or “sauce please!”

“I was shocked. I thought it would be a cute video no matter what just because he’s cute,” Ayla tells PEOPLE of the moments she saw Roman showing off his cooking skills. “But he blew me out of the water. I couldn’t have scripted that better. He’s just natural at it!”

Since the first video was shared in August, Roman’s Cooking Corner has amassed nearly 500,000 views on YouTube. And Ayla says the outgoing little boy knows he’s a star.

Ayla Belville's 2-year-old son, RomanCredit: Michelle Owen Photography

“Any time he meets new people, the first thing he says to them is, ‘Did you see my cake video? Did you see my pizza video?’ ” Ayla says. “Lately he’s been saying, ‘Did you see me on the news?’ He doesn’t know how popular he is, but he knows that people are seeing [his videos].”

Recently, Ayla, her husband Brandon Belville, and Roman teamed up with Michelle Owen (of Michelle Owen Photography) for their family photos. And Roman couldn’t help but take his cooking corner behind the camera yet again.

Photos of the toddler showed him playing in flower, eating a cupcake, and sporting a red apron that reads, “ROMAN.”

Ayla Belville's 2-year-old son, RomanCredit: Michelle Owen Photography
Michelle Owen Photography

Now, Ayla says she’s sure her little boy is gonna grow up to be a great cook.

“My husband couldn’t cook you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so I want [Roman] to at least know the basics,” the proud mom tells PEOPLE. “I have no doubt that he’s gonna be experienced at cooking, if not more than me. If he continues to love it when he’s older, the possibilities are endless.”

She adds: “My boy will know how to cook his future partner, whoever he gets involved with, he’ll know how to cook them some food.”

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