Missouri Mom with Cancer Asks Public for Breast Milk to Feed Baby as She Undergoes Treatment

Rhiannon Lindley shared a Facebook post last week asking the public to donate breast milk to feed her baby as she underwent cancer treatment

Photo: GoFundMe

A Missouri mom with cancer has enlisted the help of the public to donate breast milk to feed her baby after undergoing cancer treatment.

Rhiannon Lindley’s daughter, Adelaide, was just 4 months old when she was diagnosed with acute B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia last January, according to Love What Matters. Lindley, 27, was unable to breastfeed Adelaide after the diagnosis as she underwent “a very intense chemotherapy regimen.”

Friends collected breast milk donations that sustained the little girl for awhile, according to the site. But, nearly a year after Lindley’s diagnosis, supplies ran out and she decided to call on the public for help.

“I am looking for breast milk donations for my daughter, Adelaide. We are almost completely out of milk for her. She has been drinking donor milk since my leukemia diagnosis and subsequent start of chemotherapy,” Lindley, of Springfield, Missouri, wrote in a Facebook post last week on Jan. 8

“I understand that she is over a year now but she very much still loves her milk, it brings her great comfort, and it is beneficial to her immune system and in turn helps keep me from getting infections and hospitalized so often. If you know anyone willing to donate, please connect us!”

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The post quickly made its way around the Internet, and has been shared nearly 9,000 times. In a follow-up post a day later, Lindley wrote that she had received enough breast milk for the time being.

Rhiannon Lindley (center) with children. GoFundMe

“My milk search post has been spread an insane amount. Thank you to everyone who shared and donated to Adelaide. Once my friends and I meet with the people planned I believe all milk needs are met,” she gushed on the social media site.

Lindley has chronicled her health journey in Facebook posts also shared on a GoFundMe page set up for the family. In one, she opened up about the possibility of leaving her children.

“I love that they love me. I love that they need me. No matter how sick or scary looking I have gotten,” she wrote in one post shared to the GoFundMe page last May.

“No matter how tired or how many times they’ve seen and heard me vomit or spend hours in the bathroom. It also makes me sad. I cannot imagine life for my children without me in it … No one should have to explain to their children the fact they might die.”

But by November, the mom of four had good news to share.

“In case you were wondering I kicked cancer’s ass. 😘 I AM IN REMISSION! 3 years of chemo still, the next one is November 26th but who cares?! I AM IN REMISSION!!!” Lindley wrote in a Facebook post last year.

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