"I look like I lost a knife fight and I tell people I lost a knife fight," Victoria Price joked about her neck scar from surgery

By Claudia Harmata
August 04, 2020 11:43 AM
Victoria Price/ Instagram

Victoria Price, the Florida broadcast journalist who recently learned she had thyroid cancer thanks to a faithful viewer, is post-op and ready to get back to work!

On Tuesday, Price appeared on the Today show to speak with Savannah Guthrie about her recovery after having to undergo surgery last week to have the tumor and some lymph nodes removed.

"I’m feeling surprisingly well. I look like I lost a knife fight and I tell people I lost a knife fight. It’s Florida, crazier things have happened down here," Price joked about the scar across her neck where the procedure took place. "But all things considered, I’d say I’m about 90% back to normal, or at least my new normal."

She later added that her surgeon is "very very confident"  that they were able to remove all of the cancer with the surgery.

"I’m really really lucky, I had my pathology report come back, the results of my biopsies from the morning of the surgery and everything looks really really good," she explained. "It had not spread any farther to what they initially detected. The surgeon is very very confident that they got all that nasty stuff out of there."

Price, 28, first started to question her health when she received an email from a concerned viewer last month who told her she saw a lump on Price's neck that reminded her of her own when she had cancer.

Price, an investigative journalist at WFLA News in Tampa Bay, told Guthrie that she initially didn't think twice about the email until she showed it to her boyfriend.

"I read it to my boyfriend, I think we were having dinner the night that I received that, and I was like ‘Oh read this weird email I got today.’ I was totally going to just dismiss it... and he’s like, ‘You know, it’s not gonna hurt just to call your doctor and check it out. The worst that happens is that it’s nothing.’ So, I’m glad that I listened to him," Price explained.

Sure enough, the doctor explained that the protrusion on her neck was the result of a cancerous tumor pressing on her thyroid.

Victoria Price

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"To give you just the short version, I had a nodule in the middle of my throat, about this big, and that was actually forcing my thyroid glands out to the side of my neck," she told Guthrie while demonstrating the size of the nodule (which appeared to be that of a quarter).

"Those glands had developed cancer and that had spread to my lymph nodes. So once it was pointed out to me, I could see it. Up until then I really hadn’t noticed. I think it was a gradual change over time and those are really hard to notice on yourself," Price added.

Price went on to thank the outpouring of support she's received since sharing her story, saying that it has helped her "power through" and has inspired her to use her story to continue raising awareness about thyroid cancer.

"My mom and I are going to be starting a foundation to help promote thyroid cancer awareness, especially in young women," she said. "It’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young women and I don't think we talk about it enough or just how prolific it is."

On her Instagram, Price said that more information on her foundation will be announced in the coming days.