September 08, 2017 03:40 PM

Unlike the hurricanes, the relationship between Harvey and Irma Schluter has been far from stormy.

The couple, from Spokane, Washington, have been married for 75 years, and though they’ve seen and experienced many things during their time together, they have never shared their names with two historic storms.

“The kids were here and they were telling me about the hurricanes (Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma), and I thought they were just goofing around,” Irma, 92, tells PEOPLE. “I said, ‘What are you kids talking about?’ They’re always trying to mess around to get me on something!”

When her husband, Harvey, 104, found out, all he could do was shake his head, Irma says.

The World Meteorological Organization rotates six master lists of names for tropical storms over the Atlantic, according to The New York Times. The organization has alternated between male and female names since 1979, and they routinely reuse names for minor storms—but if a storm is historically costly and deadly, the name will be retired.

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey are two of the most powerful storms the modern world has ever seen, and it is likely both names will not be used again.

Ask Irma, and she says she is glad to be far away from the storm bearing her name.

“I don’t know anything much about hurricanes, we don’t have them here in Spokane, but they look terrible, terrible,” she says. “I’m glad we’re not around that kind of thing because that would just blow you to death.”

Irma and Harvey have been married since 1942, and have always had lots of love to give—over the course of their relationship, the couple has fostered more than 120 children, many of whom are physically or developmentally disabled, according to the Spokesman-Review. As to why they fostered so many, Irma simply told the Spokesman, “I don’t know, we just did. They were interesting little people.”

Sometimes things are just as simple as that, such as when it comes to the secret to being married for more than seven decades. “We enjoy one another,” Irma says about being married to Harvey. “I don’t know, I just like him!”

The couple celebrated their 75th anniversary in March at a local church in Spokane. “We were happy we could see that together,” she says, adding they were surrounded by family and friends they aren’t able to see often because they aren’t able to get around town as easily anymore as they could in their youth.

But there is another milestone coming up for the couple—Irma is going to turn 93 in November. Whether she’ll be as excited for that as she was for her and Harvey’s 75th anniversary, Irma, exuberantly, says, “Nooooo!

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