This Russian television program caught international attention after a highly controversial routine from an Olympic figure skater and her partner

Olympic figure skating champion Tatiana Navka has come under fire after performing a Holocaust-inspired routine with actor Andrey Burkoskiy on Saturday night’s episode of a Russian ice dancing reality TV show. Navka is the wife of Dmitry Peskov, who has served as Vladimir Putin‘s press secretary since 2012.

The duo wore striped uniforms with gold Stars of David as they portrayed Jewish prisoners in concentration camps, skating to “Beautiful That Way,” a song popularized in the film Oscar-winning Holocaust film Life Is Beautiful.

The troubling video has caught the attention of people from all over the world, including comedian Sarah Silverman, who was almost at a loss for words.

“Oh those whacky Holocaust victims (OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OHMY GOD),” she wrote, sharing a link to the video.

Famed sports analyst Al Berstein replied to Silverman’s tweet, writing, “this is incomprehensible.”

Navka took to Instagram to address the controversy, sharing a collage of images from the routine.

“Necessary viewing!” she captioned her post, which was written in Russian. “This is one of my favorite numbers! It is based on one of my favorite films ‘Life is Beautiful’ It’s necessary to explain this film to my own children. #iceage … PS our children should know and remember this strange time, and God grant that they will never experience it themselves.” (Ice Age is the translated name of the reality show Navka appeared on.)

Many commenters condemned Navka for her performance, and particularly for her explanation that it was necessary.

“6 million are dead,” one user said in a comment, according to CBS News. “Its not art its very sick. U should apologize.”