March 15, 2017 03:09 PM

The father in last week’s Internet-winning viral video said he thought the chuckle-inducing footage would mark the end of his television career.

Professor Robert Kelly made international headlines after a video of his two adorable children and fast-acting wife hilariously crashing his live BBC interview went viral. But Kelly has said he thought the footage would damage his career.

“I had assumed that this would end any television appearances,” he said at a recent press conference. “That people would see this and assume that, you know, it was just wildly unprofessional.”

Kelly was in the midst of a live BBC interview about the political crisis in South Korea when things took a turn for the hilarious. First, his young daughter danced in, followed by a baby rolling in with a walker. His fast-acting wife, Kim Jung-A, swooped in and pulled the children from the room.

Kelly later told The Wall Street Journal that he forgot to lock the door to his office when he sat down for the TV interview. At a press conference, he opened up about why he believes the video has garnered so much attention.

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“I think the reason why this became — why this went viral is because my real life sort of punched through the fake cover I had created for television,” he said. “There I am in my suit, delivering my talking points or whatever, and then suddenly reality bursts in.”

He added: “This is the sort of thing that a lot of working parents can relate to. Your children sort of interrupt you in the middle of some sort of project.”

Kelly also took the time to answer one burning question.

“Yes, I was wearing pants!” he said. “Strangers ask me if I was wearing pants.”

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