Pregnant Man and Biting Lips Are Among 37 New Emojis Coming to Your iPhone

The new emojis are starting to arrive for some iPhone users who signed up for the iOS 15.4 beta release

New Emojis
Photo: Emojipedia

Apple users can look forward to sending their friends some fresh emojis, including a pregnant man and biting lips.

The new creations will roll out to iPhone users with the release of iOS 15.4, which is currently in beta, MacRumors reported. The designs were originally selected in September 2021 by the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that oversees emoji standards across devices.

Emojipedia, an emoji reference website, shared Apple's designs for the new illustrations this week after they were revealed in iOS 15.4 beta.

The release includes 37 new emojis, including a melting face, saluting hand and a biting lip design.

Two of the most talked about designs are the Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person.

As Emojipedia explains, they can be used "for representation by trans men, non-binary people, or women with short hair."

New Emojis

While the intent is to feature more inclusive designs for a diverse set of smartphone users, the Pregnant Man emoji has sparked debate online.

"How can you do an emoji of something that didn't exist?" asked one Twitter user, to which another user replied with an emoji depicting a unicorn.

Many posts criticizing the Pregnant Man emoji struck a political tone, with some users attacking "the left" for the new design.

"If you don't like the pregnant man emoji, maybe don't use it?" said political correspondent Tom Harwood. "Bit snowflakey to get worked up about a little picture that will sit in the company of a floating alien and anthropomorphic poo."

Other users pointed out that emoji aren't always used for their originally intended purpose, similar to how the eggplant emoji evolved from merely signifying fruit. The original pregnant emoji has also been used as a way of indicating someone is full from a meal.

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Upon their release, Apple's emojis may look different from those shown by Google and other companies, since phone makers typically tweak designs to match their own style.

Apple has not revealed a release date for iOS 15.4, but MacWorld expects it to open to iPhone users around April.

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