Ryan Belcher — who is able to squat more than 900 pounds — put his "superpowers" to work to save a man trapped underneath a vehicle

By Jason Duaine Hahn
February 19, 2019 02:43 PM

A powerlifter from Michigan became a real-life superhero last week when he rushed to the scene of an accident and helped free a man who was trapped underneath an overturned vehicle.

Ryan Belcher — a 350-pound gym enthusiast who regularly exercises five days a week — was leaving work on February 14 when he heard a loud “smash,” he explained to WXYZ. After seeing a crashed sedan and a Jeep Cherokee lying on its roof, Belcher ran over to join the crowd of people who gathered around the accident to see how he could help.

“My first instinct was to just take off out there,” he told the news station.

Once there, the 29-year-old powerlifter called emergency services and tended to an injured woman inside one of the vehicles.

“I approached the one vehicle in the middle of the lane,” Belcher said, “[and the woman] was awfully bloody and I made sure she was okay, and she responded with yes I’m okay.”

That’s when he, and four other people who came to help, heard the calls of a man trapped underneath the Jeep.

“He was talking about his legs, how he couldn’t feel his legs,” Belcher told Michigan Live.

With half the man’s torso outside of the vehicle and the other half trapped underneath it, Belcher knew he had to act quickly to save his life.

“I had no other choice,” he told WXYZ. “It was either save a man or not believe in myself. So I just reached in did what I had to do.”

Ryan Belcher

Belcher, who said he can squat more than 900 pounds, grabbed ahold of the damaged vehicle and pushed it with every ounce of strength he could muster.

“This is all the power I’ve used,” he recalled, “all the training I’ve been through, this is the time where it’s really going to pay off in a good way to help somebody.”

Belcher was able to move the Jeep about three feet, which was just enough to help pull the man from the vehicle just as emergency services arrived. The drivers of the vehicles were seriously injured, according to Michigan Live, but no fatalities as a result of the accident have been reported.

“Where it came from, I can’t tell you,” Belcher told Fox News of the energy that it took to push the Jeep, which weighs two tons — far more than anything he had ever moved before.

While his son might see him as a superhero — like a real-life Hulk from The Avengers — Belcher believes he was just at the right place at the right time.

“I like being called the Hulk, my son’s favorite is the Hulk and he always says my daddy is the Hulk,” he told WXYZ. “To say I’m a hero, I don’t know. I’m glad to have been there and I was put there for a reason,.”