80+ Heartwarming Stories to Come Out of the Coronavirus Crisis to Make You Smile

If your Twitter timeline is feeling a little bleak, check out this list of dozens of happy, heartwarming, funny and inspiring moments showcasing the best in humanity during a difficult time

With the coronavirus effecting people worldwide, the news can feel pretty bleak. While it's important to stay on top of the latest CDC recommendations and exercise social distancing, it's also important to find some time to decompress. We've rounded up 60+ things that have happened in the past few weeks that have made us smile.

Just try to scroll through without feeling even a teensy bit of joy, we dare you!

A 93-Year-Old Woman Requests More Beer – and Coors Light Delivers

Olive Veronesi

A 6-Year-Old and Her Grandfather Have a Dance Party – from Six Feet Apart

Sherrie Neely

Wild Mountain Goats Have Taken Over a Welsh Village with All the Residents Inside

Mountain goats Wales
Christopher Furlong/Getty

A 6th Grader Asked Her Math Teacher a Question – and He Came Over with a White Board to Help Explain It

teacher helps student with homework through door
Stacy Anderson

Ina Garten Owns This Martini Glass

Ina Garten
Ina Garten/Instagram

This College Student and Her Mom Designed Masks to Help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Mom and College Student Design and Sew Innovative Masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

We Don't Really Understand Why, But We Won't Argue with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland Doing Shirtless Handstands

Jake Gyllenhaal Does the Handstand Shirt Challenge After Tom Holland Calls Him Out
Jake Gyllenhaal/Instagram (2)

The DILF Podcast Invented the "Hokey Pokey Challenge" to Get Grandparents and Grandkids Moving Through Their Screens

Brands and Organizations Continue to Offer Creative Ways to Support the Community

Some highlights, among many:

Tons of Grassroots Efforts Have Sprung Up to Help Match Restaurants Who Need Business with Healthcare Workers Who Need Food

Many communities have "feed the frontline" organizations that match people who wish to donate meals with restaurants equipped to donate them. (See a whole list here.)

Dolly Parton Will Read Your Kids a Bedtime Story

And she also has donated $1 million to Vanderbilt for COVID-19 research.

One COVID-19 Patient Wrote a Heartfelt Message to the Medical Staff Outside His Window

Nic Brown Leaves Special ‘Thank You’ After Fighting COVID-19
Nic Brown

Ohio patient Nic Brown shared his gratitude with the hardworking medical staff who helped him get back to health.

One Family Proved You Don't Need to Leave the House to Get the Movie Theater Experience

Dogs, at Least, Are Loving the Quarantines.

Rolo the Dachsund sprained his tail from wagging it at his new coworkers so enthusiastically.

Nursing Home Residents Are Making the Most of Their Quarantine.

Nursing Home
Bryn Celyn Care Home

At the Bryn Celyn Care Home in Maesteg, Wales, nurses helped residents play a life-sized version of the classic children's game "Hungry Hungry Hippos."

People Are Throwing Parades to Celebrate Each Other While Social Distancing.

Birthdays (like 15-year-old Georgia Shumway's, above, and 13-year-old Wyatt Gray's, below), baby showers, big occasions: People across the country are piling into their cars and driving by with posters, streamers and plenty of honking to let their friends, family and students know they care.

Courtesy Gray family

And Being There for Each Other During Other Canceled Life Milestones.

As colleges try to plan virtual graduations for seniors sent home early due to coronavirus, one flight crew threw an impromptu ceremony for student athletes who learned on their way home from championships that they would not be able to graduate in person.

People Are Putting Up Christmas Lights Again to Spread Cheer.

From A-List Designers to Average Citizens, People Are Banding Together to Supply or Sew Masks.

Washington National Cathedral
Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post/Getty

With news of shortages of PPE (personal protective equipment) for hospital workers, stars including Bethenny Frankel and Christian Siriano volunteered to provide them, whether by buying N95 masks in bulk, sewing fabric ones to help prolong the life of the medical-grade gear or helping to fundraise for hospitals. Businesses (from those as big as Apple to smaller ones including Katie May and Cartwright Bag) also committed to sending thousands of masks to those who need them.

Hotels Around the World Are Livestreaming Their Views to Make You Feel Like You're On Vacation.

Getting tired of staring at your four walls? Take a breather by virtually visiting one of the live-streaming beach cams at luxe resorts around the world.

A Couple Got Married in N.Y.C. While Their Friend Officiated from Four Stories Up.

Reilly Jennings wedding
Reilly Jennings/Instagram

The couple pivoted their initial plans – and got an even more memorable story to tell.

Florists Are 'Flowerbombing' with the Blooms They Can't Use for Now-Canceled Events

Florists Using Blooms from Canceled Events for Good
DFW Event Design

"I needed to make sure they were still used to bring joy and smiles to people's faces. We all need that right about now," Pennsylvania florist Katie Robinson says.

Brands Are Giving Back in Creative Ways.

Allbirds and Crocs are making sure our healthcare workers have comfortable footwear. Pronovias is providing wedding gowns to engaged workers on the front lines of the coronavirus battle. Many beauty brands have pivoted to making hand sanitizer. See many ways fashion and beauty brands are giving back here.

Blake Shelton Is Using This Time to Regrow His Iconic Mullet.

Blake Shelton mullet
Blake Shelton/Twitter

The news we didn't know we needed.

Cheer's Jerry Harris Is Here to 'Mat Talk' You Through Your Self-Isolation.

If Jerry can stay positive despite Daytona being canceled this year, hopefully we can too.

Canals in Venice, Italy, are clear.

Venice Italy

A lack of boat traffic means that the waters, normally muddy from constant agitation, have settled enough that you can see fish again.

China’s coronavirus lockdown curbed pollution throughout the country.

The largest temporary hospital in Wuhan, China, closed.

Thursday, Mar. 19, was the first time China reported that there were no new locally transmitted cases of the virus.

Distilleries are making hand sanitizer instead of spirits.

Many distilleries across the nation are doing their part to make sure that people are staying safe. BACARDI Rum is working with Puerto Rico-based manufacturer, Olein Refinery, to provide the raw materials needed to make hand sanitizer that will be donated to the local communities on the island of Puerto Rico, Litchfield Distillery in Connecticut is making hand sanitizing spray and a New Jersey distillery is doing the same.

Cedar Ridge Distillery in Iowa has been making hand sanitizer as well, and giving it away for free to those who need it. They even had a drive-thru set up!

Uber Eats announced that it will be waiving delivery fees for over 100,000 independent restaurants.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This older gentleman reminded us that love has no limits.

This little girl danced with her dog.

Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams got together and started Save With Stories, a platform for celebrities to read children’s stories on Instagram in an effort to raise money for Save the Children and No Kid Hungry.

Russell Wilson and Ciara donated 1 million meals to Seattle Food Lifeline and encouraged others to do the same.

They also made a family TikTok. Can Future and Sienna be any cuter?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donated $1 million to be split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

Kristen Bell’s daughters, Lincoln and Delta, donated all of the money in their piggy bank to No Kid Hungry. Their mom donated $100,000.

Bell and her daughters also danced outside of Dax Shepard’s window while self-distancing. Their song of choice? “Waving Through a Window” from the Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen.

These neighborhood kids put on a concert for their elderly neighbor.

Seth Rogen got high, watched Cats, and live-tweeted his experience.

These meerkats celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Cincinnati Zoo.

This dog sang along to the Law & Order theme song.

This couple danced “Cheek to Cheek” as their neighbors in Rome screened Top Hat on the side of an apartment building.

Italians seem to be nailing the whole social distancing thing, singing from balconies and embracing their community.

These people still managed to celebrate their grandma’s 95th birthday.

This woman announced her engagement to her grandfather through the windows of his nursing home.

carly boyd and grandpa
Courtesy Premier Living & Rehab Center

Pink’s daughter, Willow, gave her dad, Carey Hart, a brand new haircut.

This Tyrannosaurus Rex just really needed to get to work and keep himself free of germs.

Gal Gadot got a bunch of celebrities together to sing “Imagine” on Instagram.

This cat lost a game of Tic, Tac, Toe and was not happy about it.

This dog needed extra attention from his co-furker.

This person came up with a perfect way to pass the time.

Judi Dench gave some good advice in an interesting hat.

Patton Oswalt did stand up on his porch.

The penguins at the Shedd Aquarium got to go on a field trip and check out some fish, since the aquarium was closed to the public.

People across the globe applaud healthcare workers from their balconies.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is learning the French alphabet from his son … well, kind of!

Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, found an old photo strip of her with her late dad (from a visit to TRL!) while cleaning.

This student did a face mask while in the middle of an online class because, well, why not?

Jimmy Fallon has been doing The Tonight Show at home, with graphics by his daughters, Frances and Winnie, and camera work by his wife, Nancy Juvonen.

This dog found a way to fulfill his daily visits to seniors in nursing homes.

Asiyah and Jawad Javed, shop owners in Scotland, gave away free coronavirus packs with masks and hand sanitizer.

JoJo wrote a coronavirus anthem to the tune of her hit song, “Leave (Get Out)” and it’s a bop that you should send all of your friends who aren’t sure about social distancing.

Luna Stephens put her mom Chrissy Teigen in her place and told her who really makes the best cake.

And Miles Stephens looked totally unenthused by his dad, John Legend, singing “Baby Shark” to him.

This kid used a word he “knows he’s not allowed to use” to describe the situation we’re in.

Someone edited a scene from Schitt’s Creek to be about coronavirus and, TBH, it works (and the show’s creator, Dan Levy approves).

These kids are playing soccer the social distancing way.

These people in Chicago turned their Little Free Library into a Little Free Pantry, asking neighbors to “take what you need and if you can, please donate what you can spare.”

This granddaughter did a dance when she got to see her grandmother “for the first time in a while.”

Jennifer Lopez‘s son, Max, delivered his soon-to-be step-dad Alex Rodriquez some sparkling water like this:

This parent learned how hard home-schooling is.

This cat almost hilariously ruined an experiment.

This dog wasn’t sure why people on the TV were chanting his name.

The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro was lit up with flags of countries effected by coronavirus.

Celebration Mass at Christ the Redeemer Pays Homage to Countries Affected by the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) in the World
Wagner Meier/Getty

The Office costars Angela Kinsey and Creed Bratton had a virtual reunion when they FaceTimed while social distancing.

This Mets fan grandmother, who was just diagnosed with terminal cancer, got a message from Pete Alonso and Luis Rojas of the MLB team.

George R.R. Martin announced on his website that he’s writing again, which means he might finally finish writing the Game of Thrones series now that he is social distancing.

George R.R. Martin
Liam McBurney/PA Images via Getty

People are finding fun solutions to not being able to go to the gym.

This person reminded us that not all sports are cancelled.

Happy International Day of Happiness, everybody!

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