One family is determined to have a very big Christmas this year

Credit: Sudbury Police Department

One family is determined to have a very big Christmas this year.

Sudbury police stopped a vehicle in Massachusetts on Friday after they saw a giant Christmas tree strapped to the roof of a car – and did not see a lot of car.

The tree was so large that the vehicle – which appeared to be a mini van – was all but completely covered with the pine drooping over the sides of the car as it was driven along.

The odd sight was very reminiscent of a scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when patriarch Clark Griswold insists on getting the biggest Christmas tree available. The giant tree engulfs the family station wagon and, once they get home, barely fits inside their house.

National Lampoon Christmas TreeCredit: Warner Bros.
National Lampoon’s Christmas
| Credit: Warner Bros.
Clark Griswold
| Credit: Warner Bros/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

Sudbury Police Department shared a photo on their Facebook page, reminding residents to drive “responsibly” during the holidays.

Christmas tree commentsCredit: Facebook
Christmas tree commentsCredit: Facebook

“Sudbury PD would like to remind you to transport your Holiday trees responsibly,” the post read. “One of our Officer’s stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today!”

Several people commented on the Facebook post, wondering about the height of the family’s ceiling, or congratulating them on their holiday spirit.

Police Chief Scott Nix told that the family inside of the car was given a warning in “the spirit of the holidays” and that the officer at the scene helped secure the tree in a safer way and marked it with caution tape.