Watch the Heartwarming Moment This Police Officer Serenades Elderly Blind Woman: 'I'll Always Remember This Morning'

Body-cam footage captured Officer Kristian Johnson singing "You Are My Sunshine" to an elderly woman after helping her with her microwave

After helping an elderly woman who had trouble warming her pastry, a police officer used his voice to warm her heart—and it was all captured on video provided by The Herald Journal.

Officer Kristian Johnson of Utah’s Logan City Police Department was called to help Shirley Hardman with a microwave that wouldn’t stop beeping after she warmed a muffin. Hardman recently experienced a kitchen fire, and because she is blind, she was nervous about a fire occurring again. She called the operator for help, who connected her with the LCPD. A short time later, Officer Johnson was on his way.

After clearing the microwave’s error code, Johnson asked Hardman if there was anything left he could do for her.

“Do you sing?” she asked.

Johnson, who wore a body-cam, explained to Hardman that he wasn’t a singer, but she had none of it. “Well, you’re welcome to start now,” Hardman insisted. When Johnson asked what she would like to hear, Hardman chose, “You Are My Sunshine.”

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After giving her a last warning about being a “bad singer,” Johnson belted out the song, word for word, complete with a hint of vibrato.

“So, you can sing!” Hardman said in surprise. “Well, I’ll always remember this morning.”

In an interview with Fox13, Johnson said the experience wasn’t just meaningful to Hardman. “It was obvious it meant something to her, and for me it made my day: it made my week,” he said.

“He was so pleasant and he had such a nice voice,” Hardman told The Herald Journal. “He stood there and sang it beautifully.”

In a Facebook post, the LCPD recognized Johnson’s actions, writing, “Thank you Officer Johnson for showing that you care! Job well done!”

This isn’t the first time Officer Johnson has been commended for his kindness: he was named Patrol Officer of the Year for 2016. Perhaps with some nudging, we may be seeing him on The Voice next.

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